If there was any doubt that ‘Tron 3’ was on the fast track to getting made, then Garrett Hedlund’s confirmation that he will be starring in the film should alleviate that skepticism.

Hedlund, you may recall, played the role of Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who mysteriously disappeared from his son’s life, in the film ‘Tron: Legacy.’ While on a press tour for his movie ‘On the Road,’ Hedlund was asked about whether he would be reprising his role in the sequel to the film. This is what he had to say:

“Yeah. Are we gonna break this now?… Disney’s very excited … That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

With the announcement that Jesse Wigutow (‘Eragon,’ ‘Peter and the Suncatchers,’ ‘The Crow’ reboot) in negotiations to pen the latest draft of the film and now with Hedlund’s announcement that he will be on board, the proposed start date to film in 2014 may actually become a reality. This is wonderful news as Disney and Bruce Boxleiter have been talking about ‘Tron 3’ even before ‘Tron: Legacy’ was released.

Other returning members for the film not only include Boxleiter (who played Alan Bradley/Tron in the two films), but also director Joseph Kosinski (‘Oblivion’) and producer Justin Springer.

While the film was not a major hit in the U.S., (it only made $172 million domestically), it did much better overseas (earning $228 million) and earned a worldwide take of $400 million. With the reported published budget of $170 million, the film certainly warranted Disney to order a sequel.

Details about the plot have yet to be revealed but be assured that ScienceFiction.com will keep you posted as more information is released.


Source: Next Movie