The former female Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau enlists Carol’s aid in an underwater investigation.  As it turns out, Monica is still freaked out by the water, after she lost her powers and was nearly killed years ago battling Leviathan with the Avengers.  Things don’t go perfectly smoothly, but Carol does locate loads of wrecked planes and boats at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

The women are joined by investigative journalist Frank Gianelli, who shares a past with both women… not necessarily a good one.  Frank and Carol return to catalog the wreckage, but things quickly go south.  Monica must overcome her phobia to save them… but can she?

Dexter Soy returns as artist this issue.  His style still isn’t my favorite, but it’s rapidly evolving and it really isn’t bad here.  His double-page shot of the “graveyard” at the bottom of the Gulf looks amazing, in fact!  And he’s toned down some of the more extreme-ness of the earlier issues.  And Carol’s mullet.

The story is a nice balance of action and dialogue.  The dialogue is especially well-written, as the two Captain Marvels share some quip-y repartee.  The thing is, I don’t believe these characters have really ever shared much one-on-one interaction, but the way Kelly Sue DeConnick writes their exchange, I’m willing to buy that maybe they hung out a lot off-panel.  Once again, DeConnick writes female voices in a really fresh, unique and well-rounded manner.  (Actually, there is a co-writer listed– Christopher Sebela, but having read the preceding issues, I know that DeConnick is responsible for the dialogue.)  And the action punches things up well.  There isn’t a ton of it, but this issued served more as set up, so I know there’s more on the way.

This issue felt a little light, but the art was decent and the dialogue was very good.


Written by Kelly Su DeConnick and Christopher Sebela
Art by Dexter Soy
Cover by Jamie McKelvie and Jordie Bellaire