‘Logan’s Run’ has hit a roadblock as it’s being reported that Ryan Gosling, who was to play the lead in the film, is no longer attached to the project.

A remake of ‘Logan’s Run’ has been in the works for several years now and it was thought the project had finally picked up steam when it was announced last year that Nicolas Winding Refn would be directing with Gosling attached.

The news of Gosling’s departure was announced via a tweet by Variety reporter Justin Kroll: 

While no news as to why Gosling has backed out was not given, many industry watchers have been speculating. Some wonder if Warner Bros. was a factor as ‘Logan’s Run’ is slated to be a tent pole film and Gosling may not have a big enough draw in their eyes as the star. Others speculate that the slow moving progress of the project may have been a deciding reason as Gosling is preparing to work on his directorial feature film debut, ‘How to Catch a Monster,’ and the scheduling is not working out.

‘Logan’s Run’ is based on the 1976 sci-fi classic starring Michael York set in a dystopian future where society deems it necessary for those who reach the age of 30 to go through a renewal (which in the movie is PC speak for assisted suicide). Those who refuse are known as runners and they are chased and brought to “justice” by Sandmen. Logan 5 is a Sandman who bucks convention and goes on the run to find Sanctuary.

The film would have been Gosling’s third collaborative film with Refn if he had stayed on. Expect an official announcement of Gosling’s departure soon. In the meantime, Refn will have to start looking for a replacement if the production is to start next year as planned.

Who do you think would make a good lead for ‘Logan’s Run?’