Now that Robert Downey Jr’s ankle has mostly healed since his injury about 7 weeks ago, filming has resumed on the ‘Iron Man 3’ set. The cast and crew have moved from North Carolina to Florida and thanks to Daily Mail, we have a couple great shots of both the Mark XLVII and Iron Patriot Suits.

Admittedly, the first few images (and the concept art) of the suits by themselves didn’t cast too much of a favorable opinion, but these photos of them on location actually make the armor look pretty good. In case you haven’t been following news of the film, the gold/red armor is the new Mark XLVII Extremis version that will be worn by Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) and the blue/red/silver armor is the new War Machine suite (aka the Iron Patriot) that will be worn by James “Rhodey” Rhodes’ (Don Cheadle).

Back during Comic Con, Cheadle has indicated that the suits may be the cause of some bad blood between Stark and Rhodes. “I think that’s kind of the tension that is created for Tony and for Rhodey,” says Cheadle, “because like, who’s really got the stick, and who really gets to decide what happens in certain situations? And that’s what will be a lot of fun to explore in this film too.”

Just a head’s up! For any of you who will be in Miami this week, filming is occurring in the Coconut Grove, Pine Tree Drive between Dade Boulevard and 63rd Street and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. If you happen to be there and get any scoops or are able to take any photos, please let us know!

In the meantime, check out the photos below and tell us what you think of the suits!

(image credit: Mavrix)

Directed by Shane Black, ‘Iron Man 3’ is set for release on May 3, 2013 and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Dale Dickey, Ashley Hamilton, James Badge Dale, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Jon Favreau.

Source: OLV, Daily Mail