Rather than continuing directly from ‘FF’ #21, this issue tells a tale that overlaps with ‘Fantastic Four’ #610. In that issue, A.I.M. had created a new nation close off the coast of the United States. The President sent in Reed Richards to negotiate some sort of treaty with the new nation. While there, the Fantastic Four’s old villain, the Wizard, caused some trouble but, in the end, all worked out for the best. A treaty was formed and the Wizard was handed over into the custody of the Future Foundation.

This issue is much less action-packed that the ‘Fantastic Four’ part of the story but is much better for it. As it opens, the kids of the FF are at the Baxter building playing ping pong and relaxing. In the middle of their play, Val arrives and calls Bentley away for a secret meeting away from the other kids. Val informs Bentley that the FF adults are headed to the A.I.M. island and she’s found out that the Wizard is there. Bentley might get a chance to meet his “father”. And the pair are off!

The issue tells pretty much the same story as the ‘Fantastic Four‘ issue except from the children’s point of view as more observing than being in the middle of the action. After it’s all over though, we get the added scene showing what happened after the Wizard commanded Bentley to put on the villain’s helmet and claim his true heritage. I won’t spoil it for you but I will warn you not to be drinking anything lest you spit all over your fresh new comic book. The scene is hilarious!

As this series winds down and writer Jonathan Hickman prepares to leave, issues like this one are bittersweet. They’re awesome fun to read but knowing that it’ll be gone after next month stings a bit. Let’s hope that Hickman returns to the FF universe sooner than later after Marvel NOW inevitably reboots or relaunches the series.

Final Score:


FF #22
Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Andre Araujo
Cover by Ryan Stegman and Marte Gracia