After several name changes, Warner Bros. has finally decided on a title for the sequel to the brutal eye candy film ‘300.’ Previous titles included ‘Xerxes,’ and ‘300: The Battle of Artemisium,’ but now the film will be known as ‘300: Rise of an Empire.’

The movie, which is currently shooting in Bulgaria, is being called a “parallel story” – not a sequel or prequel – and is said to occur during the same time as the fighting in the original ‘300’ film. Based on the Frank Miller comic, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ will follow Xerxes as he battles against Greek forces who are under the command of General Themistocles.  It will also provide the story of how Xerxes became the God-King of Persia. On a historical note, the film will take place during the Battle of Artemisium which was a naval clash that was fought between the Greek and Persian Empire in 480 BC and occurred concurrent with the Battle of Thermopylae which was featured in the original film.

Reprising their roles in the sequel are Rodrigo Santoro (‘Lost,’ ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’) who will once again play king turned god Xerxes and Eva Green (‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Casino Royale’) as Artemisia. Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton (‘Strike Back,’ ‘Animal Kingdom’) signed on as the heroic Greek General Themistocles.

Originally the film was to be directed by Zack Snyder who had to be replaced as he is now in the mist of rebooting the Superman franchise with ‘Man of Steel.’ He is staying on as producer with Noam Murro (‘Smart People’) replacing him in the helmer’s chair. Snyder is also credited to scribing the screenplay with Kurt Johnstad.

The film is said to be in the same tone as ‘300’ but will be covering a much greater time span due to the complexity of the story. So it’s safe to assume the sequel will be ‘300’ taken up a few notches.

Although the title of the film has been changed, the studio still has the film set to be in theaters on August 2, 2013.