When we last left the Ragin’ Cajun, the trinket that he took from Borya Cich had seemingly come to life and latched itself onto his abdomen. Now, possibly regretting his decision to fall off the bandwagon and go thieving again, Gambit tries to find ways to remove the literal pain in the side. However one man’s pain is another (wo)man’s pleasure because someone else is on the market for that little prize from Cich’s crooked collection.

Like many fans, Gambit is my favorite X-man. He has been since I watched the Fox cartoons in the 90’s. He was suave, badass, and a skilled warrior. I was excited to pick up this new solo series of his, but as I was reading this week’s issue, I came to a realization: Gambit is Marvel’s male Catwoman. He’s even got the black catsuit now, which is a total bummer because I miss the trenchcoat and the head sock. Yeah, the coat was impractical for a thief of his caliber, as he points out in the book, but I loved the image of Gambit portrayed on the cover of the first issue where he has his staff, this coat, and some playing cards.

Image discrepancies aside, I like the really cinematic feel of this book, thanks to the great artwork of Clay Mann, but it’s a movie I’ve seen a bunch of times up to this point in the story. Aside from reminding me of Selina Kyle, Remy LeBeau’s story right now almost feels like Hawkeye and Mockingbird or Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

I want to like this series a lot because of how much I like Gambit, but it’s just not really grabbing my interest as much as some other books on my pull list right now. Maybe it’ll get better in the next issue once it (hopefully) starts to get into more Act II stuff.


Final Score:




Written by JAMES ASMUS