With the Olympics going on right now, it seems like filmgoers have been too preoccupied to make it out to the theater this weekend. As a whole, this weekend’s box office take is down 25% from last year. However, those who did find their way to cinemas kept ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on the top of the charts with an estimated $36.4 million according to Deadline, beating out the likes of the premiering ‘Total Recall’ remake, ‘The Watch’, and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, bringing Christopher Nolan’s final outing with the Batman up to $353 million after three weeks.

Though some thought that Colin Farrell could trump Christian Bale’s last run under the Bat-cowl, Len Wiseman’s remake only made $26 million. Though not a disaster, that barely beats the numbers of the original ‘Total Recall’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which collected $25.5 million back in 1990. Sony is hoping to get back the $135-200 million budget of the film domestically, but it’s looking that the only hope of covering that bill will be the international grosses. The one bit of good news out of all this is that Farrell managed to avoid the fate of his last August release, ‘Fright Night’. That remake only opened with $7.7 million during it’s first weekend, so things are kinda looking up for Mr. Farrell.

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