Chewie and Mayhew (Hint: That’s Mayhew on the right.)

Each year, The Hollywood Insider has what’s refered to as the “black list”. This is a list of screenplays that are written in a particular year but will not be filmed and released in that year. In 2011, one of the hot items to rise from the black list was a spec script called ‘Chewie’. The one line description from the black list described ‘Chewie’ as “a satirical behind the scenes look at the making of Star Wars through the eyes of Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca”.

‘Star Wars’ fans seemed to latch onto the idea of ‘Chewie’. The script seemed like a fun romp down memory lane. It was even voted into i09’s “best of” from the black list. So it seemed like one of those movies that would get made… eventually. The question since then has been “who will make this crazy flick?” Now we have our answer and it’s better than we could’ve hoped.

Kyle Newman, the director of the ‘Star Wars’-centric ‘Fanboys’ (itself a designee of the black list in 2005) has been pegged to direct the film. As if that weren’t cool enough, the news broke because Chewie himself, Peter Mayhew, dropped the bomb over on his Twitter page where he said:

Yes, we’re working with Kyle Newman and the team on CHEWIE, The Movie and are hopeful it can move forward. Rumors can begin now, Forcecast!

There’s no word yet on whether Mayhew will play himself in the movie but I expect, as amazing as that would be, the chances are slim due to his age. But, even if Mayhew is more of an historical advisor, I’ll still see it… I just hope he gets a cameo.

Since this is a “satirical” spin on the making of ‘Star Wars’, many fans are speculating how George Lucas will feel about it. I’m assuming that he has to give his blessings over the whole thing since it does use characters that he created. But, if the rumors are to be believed, Lucas has retired from his control over ‘Star Wars’ to focus on independent films so he may not be the guy in charge anymore.

I guess we’ll find out as more details on ‘Chewie’ emerge. But the fact that both Newman and Mayhew are officially attached has me excited for this one.