In the third day of exciting announcements and teasers from Marvel NOW!, it seems that along with their “Invincible” team of Keiron Gillen and Greg Land and their “Worthy” team of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, Marvel has now added “Indestructible” with Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu. Fans have since speculated, with confirmation, that Gillen and Land will be taking on Tony Stark as the new Iron Man writer and artist, and that “Worthy” can only imply a new take on the God of Thunder as Aaron and Ribic undertake the new title for Thor. Although the bright gamma green lettering suggests that Waid and Yu will be taking on the Jade Giant, fans are more accustomed to the word “Incredible”, as opposed to “Indestructible.” However, Waid confirmed the return of the Strongest There Is via Twitter this morning, thanking fans for their congratulations. “Thanks to all for the congrats on HULK, which Leinil Yu and I will take over in November! If you like DAREDEVIL, you’ll like this! Promise!” 







Yu already has some history providing art for Hulk titles, first with the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine comic written by Damon Lindelof, as well as cover art for the previous Incredible Hulk relaunch two years ago. This seems to be Waid’s first time writing for the Hulk, but has a long history for writing with Marvel, including titles for Daredevil, Captain America and Spider-Man.

Are you excited to see the Hulk added to the Marvel NOW! lineup? What heroes or writer/artists teamups would you like to see?