Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – We saw the face of the big bad that’s coming for our heroes and all of the Fae and its name is Garuda. How is the gang going to handle this news?

Here there be SPOILERS….

A pretty lost Bo is missing her Kenzi. She completely forgot Kenz was hitting the road with Nate AND she has no earthly idea how to make the coffee. While she’s leaving Kenzi a voicemail, creepster Lachlan tries to sneak up on but gets a knife thrown at his face instead. (Rude much? The man is above knocking?)

Elsewhere on a movie set – a fanboy is geeking over his favorite actress (I can completely relate after just meeting all three of our favorite Fae) and she happens to be a Fae named Sadie. The poor guy gets a little hot under the collar then falls over dead.

Lachlan wants Bo to hunt down an ifrit – a type of jinn. (I had to google it – nasty fire creatures – you can catch one on True Blood this season, they’re all the rage don’t ya know.) The ifrit are powerful beings that possess vast amounts of knowledge and they don’t give it up easily. So they have to find her lamp and enslave her; not something Bo is in favor of doing. She has this whole thing about turning people into slaves – see previous episodes this season where Lachlan binds Lauren to him. Lachlan alludes to the possibility of addressing the Lauren issue once the Garuda is destroyed. Bo agrees, “So you just want me to stroll onto a movie set and kidnap a celebrity?” She won’t have to, Sadie has been frequenting the local hot spots. All she needs is the lamp. Lachlan tells her to get it from a guy named Ryan Lambert – the one that delivered the bracelet. (SO Lachlan is the one that sent the bracelet!! Dang! Here I’d hoped it was from her mom or someone ubber mysterious! Ugh!)

At the Dal – Trick retells the vision about the Gardua to Dyson and Hale. He’s also unnerved by hearing Lachlan is in cahoots with Bo regarding the Garuda. He can also see that Dyson is off his game so he forces him to spill his guts about the Luduan. (Usually I’m uncomfortable with tough leading men whining about chick problems but Kris Holden-Ried pulls it off without making me puke – he gets close though.) Trick serves up a hard dose of “suck it up man” but this is a tough one for Dyson.

At a VERY Tony Stark like flat (it even includes a smoking hot black and white Shelby – car swoon!) – Bo gets to have a few more words with Mr. Ryan Lambert. She also gets to punch him the gut, per his request, sending him to his knees. His new ain’t-gonna-hurt-me belt doesn’t seem to work. (Ok so he’s not THAT much like Tony Stark.) With a lot of very quirky delightful banter (I think I really like this guy) Lambert finds the perfect “lamp” for Bo – a cute little clear plastic music box. Any container will do but it has to be the right container. More quirky banter (have you been watching this show? No? You can start with this episode – very good writing. Yes? How could you miss this episode?! It’s Lambert!! That’s like missing Vex! For shame! Go watch!) and then there’s sparks.. no really something sparks and sets something on fire but we know a few flew between these two (at least I hope).

Later at an uptown nightclub – Bo finds Sadie with… Lambert?! (What the what?) Lambert introduces them and Bo actually gets tongue tied when Sadie pays her a compliment about her hair. (Snap out of it BO! You’re the succubus for cryin out loud!) Bo finally snaps out of the stargazer grip (with a little intercept help from Lambert) and asks Lambert to the bar for a “a pint of what the freakin hell are you doing here.” Along with not getting her number he also forgot to give Bo the user guide for the music box. He also wants to see the ifrit imprisoned. He’s also not 100% sure it will work. And then he hits on her again with a ride in his private jet. I like this jerk but Bo does not (yet – I think he’ll wear her down.)

In the apartment with the giant tree as décor, aka the Norn’s – Dyson is trying to find answers to his dilemma and accuses her of treachery. The Norn warns him that its not wise to accuse her of this but is interested to know what she’s supposedly done wrong. Dyson thinks she did him wrong by taking his love of Ciara as well as his love for Bo. Oh no little pup – a wolf mates for life; when he professed his love for Bo that was it, game over, that was ALL of his love. So when he gave it up in return for Bo’s safety he gave it ALL up. There can be no love for Ciara or any other. (Poor Dyson!)

Back at the nightclub – Bo stalks her pray but finds a victim. She also finds Sadie hiding in the shadows. Bo pulls out the music box, turns the crank and says the magic word “abracadabra” but Lambert insists she’s doing it wrong and reaches for the box. In the bickering they drop the box shattering it to pieces. (oops) And Sadie disappears.

She then materializes in an empty replica of the nightclub along with Bo and Lambert. Then we get to see her true power – fire balls! (The best spell EVER in D&D if you ask me!) Lambert tells her to use the bracelet so Bo pulls a Wonder Woman with that magic piece of metal and it absorbs the fire balls. Meanwhile, Lambert is trying to find the mechanism that will open a secret door. 3 seconds later he figures it out creating a wall that slides between them and Sadie.

So they begin their wandering in this vast ‘lamp.’ Lambert admits he made it with lots of twists, turns and stairs to keep a jinn busy but there’s a maintenance hatch in every room, he just has to find it. He also tells her he’s a Loki – not THE Loki like the Norse God. (Again with the Iron Man/Avengers reference – ok I’m stretching but its there!) The mischief part is true though. Cue more quirky yet sexy banter while Lambert finds the maintenance hatch and tinkers with the gears in order for Bo to get a call out for help.

She’s able to contact Dyson long enough to tell him where the magic box is but then Lambert tinkers the wrong tonk and BZZZ the call is lost. They’re able to take an elevator up but the ifrit is ‘hot’ on their tails. Meanwhile, Dyson finds the music box in pieces on the floor of the club.

Lambert finds another maintenance panel but he’s having a hard time fixing the situation. He’s excited though because he’s created a lamp even he can’t get out of. Wow! Lambert then gets serious and gives Bo a real compliment. He’s impressed that she chooses to stay free and not become a slave to neither the Light nor the Dark. He finds the right gear to twonk and makes an elevator appear, but there’s no elevator behind the door. Then Sadie pushes him through the door into the gaping pit. (OMG! How evil was that! And where the hell did she come from?!) It’s Bo’s turn next.

When Sadie finds out that she may have just killed the only person that could get her out of the lamp she starts to burn red hot. She plans to burn her way out of there! Bo uses her noggin and calms Sadie with a compliment. The more she feeds into the ifrit’s ego the cooler she becomes. But Bo gets tripped up when Sadie asks her favorite movie.

At the Dal – Trick tries to fix the music box to no avail. Hale uses his power of perfect pitch to figure out the tune then make the music box play it. He’s able to manifest a connection with Bo. She’s letting Sadie feed from her but it hurts a lot. She needs another plan. Trick tells her she can brand the ifrit but warns her it has to be personal. Bo has an idea – she gives Sadie a sucker bite! “Who’s your daddy bitch?” (LMAO!! That’s awesome!) Lambert also drags his disheveled butt out of the elevator shaft. Well look at that! His ain’t-gonna-hurt-me belt actually works now! He suggests the ifrit burn hot straight down through the floor to blow the power supply. There’s a 50/50 chance it’ll work though.

Outside the music box, in the Dal – the box begins to glow red and then BLAM! It blows allowing everyone to escape.

Bo delivers the ifrit to the Ash to answer his questions. The deal is: she commands Sadie to answer the questions then return to her plane to never return. Bo’s not going to make anyone a slave. Lachlan isn’t happy with the arrangement but what choice does he have? Bo also refuses to be the Ash’s champion, but she WILL be his partner when the time comes.

At Lambert/Stark labs – Bo delivers payment from the Ash. Bo admits she had a good time. (WOO HOO!) Lambert jumps on the opportunity to ask her out again. She’s hesitant because she just went through some pretty heavy emotional stuff. (Ya think?! The best way to get over someone is to climb on top of someone else! Go for it Bo!) Lambert offers a clean slate with no baggage along with some great compliments. I think Bo heard my “climb on top” comment because she jumps him right there in the lab! (Good girl!)

At the Dal – Ciara confronts Dyson about being MIA. She’s ten shades of pissed at him and wants to know what’s going on. Dyson comes clean about the Norn – not the time way back when he refused to give up his wolf for Ciara’s former husband, Stephen- when he offered his wolf for Bo. (Ouch) Ciara doesn’t believe him. The disbelief turns to anger. She has to leave.

Cue the looooong over due sex scene – Bo is on a whole different cloud 9. Both just had the best sex ever but Lambert let’s slip with glee “Have you ever been with one of us? Am I your first?” Ryan Lambert is Dark Fae!! (Hellz ya!!) Bo’s a little thrown but since her legs are shaking there’s nothing to do but jump back on the ride!

What a fun episode!! Yes there was some angsty drama with Dyson but besides that we got to meet Lambert! I think my head would explode if they put Lambert, Kenzi and Vex in the same room! What did you think? Dark Fae? It’s about time Bo got a taste of the dark side! All of this fun ALMOST made up for the total lack of Kenzi… almost.

Stay Fae y’all!

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