It’s been awhile since Steven Spielberg helmed a sci-fi movie, so when it was announced he took on ‘Robopocalypse,’ all eyes have been watching the development of this big budget film. Now that the screenplay adaptation is complete and a release date has been penned in, the process of casting begins and it looks like Spielberg has his eye on none other than the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, to star in this feature.

According to Deadline, Spielberg has already secretly met with Hemsworth and although no official offer has been made, the director has decided that he would be the perfect leading man for this film.

Hemsworth star power has been on the rise since appearing as George Kirk in the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ reboot. He was a relative unknown when Marvel cast him in ‘Thor’ and in a short year has starred in 2 more box office hits, ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’ He’ll be seen next in the remake of ‘Red Dawn’ playing the role of Jed Eckert in November and will start filming ‘Thor 2’ next month.

Drew Goddard (‘Cabin in the Woods,’ ‘World War Z’, ‘Cloverfield’) wrote the screenplay for ‘Robopocalypse’ which is based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson about a hostile A.I. that was developed by the U.S. Government and becomes a virus that gets downloaded into every piece of A.I.-controlled technology on the planet, leading to a worldwide robot uprising . Word has it that Spielberg was so enamored about the book that he was already storyboarding and designing and had Goddard adapt the pages as Wilson was turning them in to his publisher.

‘Robocopalyse’ is slated to be released on April 25, 2014.