Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Kenzi threw Bo a killer birthday party and Bo successfully broke the curse on Nadia.

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week opens with Bo giving Lauren the keys to her car. Lauren, “I’m not going to call you while I’m gone and I don’t want you to call me either.” (Seriously?! WTH? Bo raised the curse on your girlfriend and is now handing you the keys to her car and you’re going to be SO frakking insensitive to TELL Bo not to call you? Lauren I officially hate you right now. I know hate is a strong word but this has been coming for a season and a half. You brought it on yourself… ok wait the writers brought it on you but still hate all the same. And ok ok ok you don’t know Bo lifted the curse but come on!)

Cut to a very typical suburbia home with the husband complaining about his job to the doting wife cleaning in the kitchen. He then turns his rage on her after taking a bite of food. The sweet wife picks up an iron skillet and whacks him upside the head. She then kind of wrinkles and turns into him. Curiouser and curiouser.

Back at the succu-mansion – Kenzi is in a chipper mood after a mystery text (we all know it’s Nate but but for some reason she’s keeping the happiness from Bo) and asks Bo what’s on the plate for the day. Bo has to stop by Trick’s but she’d also like to break into the Ash’s compound. “I’m gonna force feed Lachlan a buffet of right hand burritos and stiletto boot tacos.” Kenzi, “Those sound delish.” Bo, “They do don’t they? And the sun is shining.” Bo is so hurt that Lachlan used her! As they hug it out Kenzi gets another text. This time Bo notices and snags the phone. They then prance around like a couple of teenagers. Kenzi is sooo not happy that Bo is teasing her about this new boyfriend, “Two words succubus – BOOB PUNCH!”

Dyson and Ciara are packing when Ciara finds a t-shirt with Hale’s face on it. (That’s awesome!) There’s no way she can live with a man that has a t-shirt with his best friend’s face on it. She promptly tosses it in the trash. (Why do women do that to men? It’s his favorite t-shirt! Let the guy keep it. It’s not like it has Bo’s face on it.)

At the Dal – Bo, “If I murder the Ash do we have another stag hunt of does the job just go directly to Hale?” Trick hopes this is a hypothetical question. Besides he can’t help her right now. He has to plan for the blood moon. Every 20 years or so he can go into a trance and divine the future. It can be dangerous unless he has a particular ring. Trick asks her to give up on Lachlan for now because he needs her to find the ring. His life depends on it. It’s normally kept in the Celtic museum in England but he hired someone to steal it for him. Unfortunately the greedy thief wants more money. He’d like Bo to use her unique abilities to make the thief reconsider the original offer.

Later, Bo arrives at the hotel. The shifty shifter takes one look at Bo and shifts into an exact duplicate of her. It’s obvious that this shifter has gone off the deep end. He’s spouting on and on about always getting the raw end of the deal when he’s the one sticking his neck out. Slowly and unbeknownst to the shifter, Bo wiggles her foot out of her boot and reaches over to lightly caress his leg. He becomes putty in her succu-hands. She gives him the gold bars that were originally agreed upon as payment then takes the ring and leaves.

Elsewhere – Trick, accompanied by Dyson and Hale, visits a blind woman to get the root he needs for the trance. Once the ‘pleasantries’ and shotgun are out of the way they discuss the barometz. Wai Lin states her price – four truthful answers freely given to four questions. Trick agrees.

Nate arrives at the succu-mansion – he found something he needs to share. He pulls out his guitar and starts to sing, “Dear new older boy hello my name is Kenzi and I live next door to you…” (OMG that is the cutest little song ever!) He found an old letter Kenzi wrote to him when she was 6. Little odd that he’s kept it all these years but he swears it was in a box and he just happened upon it. (It’s too cute seeing Kenzi get giddy.)

First question – The years is 1419, Trick was carrying a box and he was very protective of it. What was inside that box? Answer – in the box was the skull of a very dangerous man. He won’t tell her who it was no matter what she does. In fact he gives Dyson permission to make sure she never clicks her truth nails together ever again if tries to force the truth out of him. Second question – how did your wife die? Answer – she was killed during the great Fae war. Final question – was it your fault that your wife died? Answer – if he had opened his veins and written the laws sooner perhaps she would still be alive. (I’ll admit I’m horrible with math but I know I can count to 4 – what happened to four questions?) The old crone propositions Dyson as he’s leaving but he claims he’s spoken for. She asks if he loves her but he ignores the question. She clicks her nails and forces him to answer the truth, “I can’t love Ciara.” The pain on his face is excruciating!

Bo delivers the ring to Trick. She’s concerned about him risking his life given who he is. Hale had picked up on the Blood King conversation back at the hag’s place but now he’s a little disappointed to find out Bo knew before him. Trick understands her concern but he’s the only one that can perform the ritual. He also demands that she stand down from the Lachlan hunt. He’s needed not to mention Dyson and Hale are bound by law to tell him if there’s a threat made on his life. Bo says she will but then walks to a corner and collects a few things. Dyson offers her a map as well as she leaves.

At the succu-mansion – Nate and Kenzi wrap a music session that leads right into a make out session. Nate stops though. He’s leaving tomorrow. Kenzi flips off the handle about him always leaving. He stops her to say he was hoping she would come with him. Kenzi answers him with a kiss and a “hells yes.”

At the Dal – Dyson and Hale strap Trick onto a chair. He gives them instructions that they are not to wake him until the 30 minute mark. They strap a mask on him that looks like something out of an evil steampunk scientist’s lab. Once they flip the switch smoke billows down the tube toward Trick.

He finds himself walking in a drive-in at night while a movie of the same scene, only during the day, is playing on the screen. A cloaked woman arrives. It’s his wife.

Alarms are shrieking in the Light Fae compound. Bo sneaks into the Ash’s man chamber as the guards are distracted. She finds the locked chest and pops it open to find the creepy heads hidden at the bottom. When she removes the false bottom we get to see four heads are there not just one. Lachlan arrives with bared fangs.

At the drive-in – Trick’s wife tells him of an ancient evil that fed on the aggression and rage of the Fae during the great Fae War. When Trick ended that war, the evil began to starve. Now it’s coming to kill him and all of the Fae. She says natural peace was coming but he interrupted that. He can un-write the laws. If he does this she will be returned to him. A man sits in a lone car watching as the woman hands Trick his scribe tools.

Bo and Lachlan duke it out a bit. He then tosses her a sword and eggs her on with insults about her mother.

Trick hesitates with the blade above his hand.

Bo is outskilled but Lachlan shouldn’t underestimate her tenacity. Bo, “Hell hath no fury like a woman totally screwed over…”

Trick makes the cut which also shows in the real world. The woman looks at the car. Trick realizes his wife would never ask him to do this. She screams, walks away and then vanishes. The man in the car also screams, shattering the windows of the car. He gets out and walks towards Trick.

Lachlan really thinks Bo is Dark Fae sent to kill him. Bo tries to explain that she wasn’t sent by anyone but the Nain Rouge keeps telling her an evil is coming and he is that evil. This brings Lachlan up short. If the Nain Rouge told her he was the one then she must take his life. He then kneels before her. Instead of killing him she kicks him in the gut.

Trick wants to know how this man can manipulate his vision. The man says the Blood King is no match for the Garuda. That can’t be. The Garuda went extinct a millennium before the Fae ever existed. He walks closer to Trick and releases mighty black burning wings from his back. Just as Fae feed off humans, Garuda feed off Fae. Trick ended their feasting so they need to kill him. All they need to do is find him. He used his blood again so now they can find him. The Garuda releases a mighty scream.

Lachlan says he was using Lauren to get under Bo’s skin. He was testing her. Bo wants to know WHAT he is. (As do we all!) He is what’s left of the Naga. Bo, “Is that like a Fae boy band or something? Because I don’t think Justin Timberlake keeps members of his old group in a box.” Those heads are what remain of what was taken from him. People would cut off his head to steal his venom. It’s the only thing in the world that can kill a Garuda. It’s the evil that Lachlan has been tracking for centuries. He had to be sure she wouldn’t become vengeful. Why Bo? Her powers come from lust and passion. In order to win against the Garuda you must be able to attack without attacking. Her succubus powers are perfect. He wants Bo to lead the Fae into battle.

At the Dal – they’ve hit the 30 minute mark. Dyson rips out the tubes that connect Trick. This inadvertently knocks him and Hale out as well. (Way to go wolfman.)

At Dyson’s flat – Ciara is still packing. She smiles and fishes the Hale t-shirt out of the trash then places it in a box.

At the succu-mansion – Kenzi gets all excited when Bo gets home, “Hey Bobo! Where you been all day? I’ve been calling you. I’ve been texting you. I mean I’ve been doing other stuff besides texting. Might be referred to as sexting.” But Bo is lost in her own thoughts. She even says “Ya go” when Kenzi asks if she should go with Nate on tour. (Poor Bo.)

Now THAT was a episode! This is why I fell in love with this show in season 1! There was action! There was intrigue! There was comedy, tragedy, insanity! Oh my! This would make a fantastic season ending but thankfully it’s not! The show does, however, switch to Friday nights so be sure to tune in!

Stay Fae y’all!

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