Scott counted down the Top Ten Best Dads in Comics, which you’ll read a little bit later.  I get the honor of showcasing the Worst!  No neckties for these guys!

10. Wolverine

Oh sure, he’s a loving and protective father figure to Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and Armor, but what about his real kids?  He’s the ultimate deadbeat dad, knocking women up all over the globe and most of the time, they wind up trying to kill him.  The most famous example is Daken, the Dark Wolverine from Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers, but he also sired an entire brood that formed the team The Mongrels and dedicated themselves to murdering everyone associated with Logan.  He eventually locates them and kills them all, before learning that they are all his offspring.  Woopsie!

9. Mystique

Wait what?  In continuity, it was established that Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother, his father being Azazel, but the original intention was that Mystique was supposed to be his FATHER having shape shifted into male form and impregnating longtime companion Destiny.  As any sort of parent, she pretty much sucked.  She stuck her first son, Graydon Creed in a boarding school and abandoned her second son Kurt entirely.  Then she “adopted” Rogue and trained her to be a criminal.

8. Magneto

First, he manipulated his two children Pietro and Wanda into becoming mutant terrorists as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.  Ultimately, Wanda went insane and wiped out almost all mutant powers on Earth, thanks in no small part to her father and brother’s control issues.  He had two other daughters under still hazy conditions, Lorna Dane (Polaris) and Zala Dane.  He attacked Zala Dane in the Savage Land and left her for dead.  (She hasn’t returned in twenty plus years, so I guess he was successful.)

7. Ra’s Al-Ghul

Speaking of manipulating one’s children, Ra’s Al-Ghul raised his daughter Talia to become a master assassin and one of the heads of his crime organization the League of Assassins along with his other daughter  the estranged Nyssa Raatko.  Ra’s also planned to arrange Talia’s marriage to Batman, seeing him as the perfect human.  Though not ever married, eventually the pair spawned a son, the misanthropic Damien Wayne, also raised to be a natural born killer.

6. The Pride

Six super villain power couples were granted wealth and power by the supernatural Gibborim in exchange for an annual human sacrifice.  When their kids discover this, they run away and The Pride frame their own kids for the murder of their most recent victim.  Though they were killed, a younger version of Geoffrey Wilder was summoned through time by a group of his deceased son’s friends and he killed Gertrude Yorkes.  For that reason alone, he belongs on this list!

5. The Governor

The biggest baddie in ‘Walking Dead’ history, The Governor kept a zombie daughter chained in his home.  Oh trust me, that was far from the most effed up thing involving that guy.  It was never really clarified if this was in fact his real daughter, but either way, at one point, he extracted all of her teeth, letting black goo pour from her gums and full on French kisses her.  You can never unread that.

4. Brian Banner

Brian Banner was jealous of the love his wife Rebecca directed at their baby son Bruce and grew to hate him. He abused the child and eventually murdered Rebecca. His abuse of Bruce resulted in his eventually becoming the savage, rampaging Hulk after he was bombarded with Gamma Rays. So basically, this guy beat his son so savagely, he turned into THE HULK! Good job.

3. Deathstroke

Deathstroke the Terminator became one of the greatest assassins and mercenaries in the world, which led to enemies targeting his family.  His son Joeseph wound up getting kidnapped and his throat was slit, muting him for life.  Later, his older son Grant followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a mercenary and got killed.  Joseph became the hero Jericho, but was possessed and turned evil, so Deathstroke murdered him.  Later, he messed around with daughter Rose’s head and she gauged her eye out to be more like him.  Happy Father’s Day, D-Bag!

2. Omni-Man

Viltrumite alien Nolan Grayson came to Earth and became one of its greatest heroes.  He married a woman named Debbie and they had a son Mark.  This was before Nolan revealed that the Viltrumites intended to conquer Earth and he killed the super heroes of their world.  His son Mark stood up to him, adopting the identity of Invincible.  Nolan savagely beat Mark and their battle decimated much of the planet.  He told Mark that sleeping with his mother was akin to sleeping with an animal.  Classy.

1. Trigon

Demon warlord Trigon impregnated human woman Arella with the intention of using their offspring as a gateway to conquering the Earth.  Arella and her daughter Raven were taken in by the priests of Azarath and Raven was taught to suppress her emotion, because if she ever expressed emotion, Trigon could use her as a conduit, making her one of the most put-upon heroes in comics.  Eventually, Raven finally succumbed to Trigon’s control, destroyed Azarath and forced the Teen Titans to kill Raven, allowing the priests of Azarath to channel their power through her to defeat Trigon.  World conquering demon lord?  Does it get any worse?

Ok, so what do you think of this list? Agree? Disagree? Who would be on your list, let me know in the comments!