When it was announced that a book would be published in November on the history of the Federation, Trekkies around the world began marking off the days until this momentous book would be published.

‘Federation: The First 150 Years’ will take the reader through the development of the United Federation of Planets starting with the first contact with the Vulcans on April 5, 2063 then move toward the formation of the Organian Peace Treaty. From there, the book will go into the epic battles, alien species and ship designs such as the construction and mission of the Enterprise NX-01. In addition, it will include never before seen fictional intelligence reports, essays, treaty exerts, and letters documenting moments in the ‘Star Trek’ universe. Some of these you may recognize from the TV shows and movies while others were not chronicled in the big and small screens. To top it all off, the book also comes with a book stand that lights up and can play audio recordings by Adm. Hikaru Sulu (George Takei).  That alone may be enough to sell the book, but if you’re still undecided, then you need to see the trailer for ‘Federation: The First 150 Years.’

The video features the familiar ‘Star Trek’ theme and a sample of the Adm. Sulu’s audio recording. It also flashes on illustrations of “historic” scenes in the Star Trek cannon drawn by such artists as Joe Corroney, Mark McHaley, Cat Staggs, and Jeff Carlisle.

Normally ‘Federation: The First 50 Years’ would sell for $99.99 but currently Amazon is having a sale and if you preorder now, the book will only cost $59.99. This is a must have for any Trekkie and, although I was on the fence when the initial photos of the book came out, this video has it on my must have Christmas list! (Hear that Santa?) ‘Federation: The First 50 Years’ won’t be out until November 20th so I guess we’ll just have to drool over the trailer until then.

‘Federation: The First 150 Years’ Trailer:

Source: Blastr