For the past three weeks Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ has been dominating at the box office, up until a couple days ago that is. It broke $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales in its second week of release. Even the action flick ‘Battleship’ which got good numbers overseas couldn’t bring down ‘Avengers’.

Now, in its fourth week of release, as we reported, ‘The Avengers’ finally slipped to the number two spot on the box office charts. So what release took down the big-gun supehero team? In case you didn’t read it yet, that would be ‘Men in Black 3’ featuring the return of Agents J and K protecting the Earth from alien threats yet again. The third film follows Agent J (Will Smith) as he travels through time to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from an alien villain who plans to alter history. In his travels, Agent J meets with a younger version of K (Josh Brolin doing a spot on impersonation of Jones) and alien hijinks ensue.

‘Men in Black 3’ brought in $70 million in its first week of release over the Memorial Day weekend while ‘The Avengers’ still held strong with a respectable $46.9 million. Part of the drop in ‘The Avengers’ is that it is also running in over 300 fewer theaters this week as well.

Despite some negative reviews, ‘Battleship’ held on the number three box office spot with $13.8 million proving that sometimes brainless explosions and a few aliens are all you need for good summer entertainment.

The new horror film ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ from the creator of ‘Paranormal Activity’opened in the number six spot with $9.3 million, narrowly edged out by ‘Dark Shadows’ in number five with $9.4 million. Rounding out the top five was the comedy ‘The Dictator’ in fourth place with $11.8 million in its second week in theaters.

This coming week will see two more genre releases with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, a new spin on the classic fairy tale, and the 3D exploitation horror flick ‘Piranha 3DD’ planning to take a bit out of the box office dollar.