Previously on Eureka…
Jack PROPOSED to Ali! With a beer battered potato ring! um yaaa that’s really all I can remember. What?! I’m a hopeless romantic! And it’s Jack! And Alison!

Here there be SPOILERS….

All hell has broken lose in GD! The main reactor is failing! Communications are down! There’s an incoming missile from an unknown source! The shield has failed! Defense systems are off line! The missile hits! All sections are reporting injuries! The area is contaminated with imodium chloride gas! Fargo’s office had a premature evacuation!

Waaaait a minute… Fargo stops, “Sorry sheriff. I broke my leg.” And then his leg glows blue. wah wah wah – This has all been a training simulation. Carter calls an end to the sim once he learns he has to carry Fargo down a bazillion stairs.

Since the Astraeus incident they’ve upped the level of training and included real seismic activity so much of the damage really happened. Introducing Dr. Michael Clark (aka Dr. Clark Edison from Bones!)! He’s the mastermind behind the simulation. He’s pleased with the rating – a B+! Only 29 people died! I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be best if no one dies?

Jack’s getting the cold shoulder from Jo. Must have been that talk she had with him while Allison was in his body. And then Zane is all hush hush about a “top secret” assignment and he won’t be home for dinner. (Maybe Jo should’ve stayed out on that walk about?)

Jack asks Alison if she’s noticed anything weird with Jo. She hadn’t noticed. (Yaaaa there’s still bad blood there.) And when Jack asks her to dinner she’s got too much work to do.

Fargo pays a visit to the big glowing blue bed lab. (I thought that was mothballed?) But waaait… Zane walks up. These two are up to something. This is the top secret assignment? (Oh guys you know this isn’t going to go well! But please please PLEASE find Holly and bring her back!) There’s only one way to find out if she’s still in there – someone’s got to get jacked into a big glowing blue bed.

Jack expresses his concerns to Dr. Clark regarding the level of “realism” that his new AI used. And then they both get blasted up against the wall.

Dr. Clark has a concussion and a broken collar bone while Jack just has a bump on the noggin. A liquid nitrogen valve ruptured causing a BLEVE – tech for boiling liquid expanding vapor event. (I just love all the jargon on this show!) Unfortunately this little blast destroyed Dr. Clark’s simulator and all its disaster drill data. This was either a very freak accident of done on purpose. (I’m betting on purpose but probably not for the reasons we think.) Jo gets a wee bit over anxious when Jack offers to tag along. Allison has guilt written all over her face.

Zane gives Fargo a back-up out in case of an emergency. And he’s in and VEureka is completely empty. (hmmm I wonder – is he going to bump into Senator Wyn?) The only person he finds is HOLLY!!

Jack corners Jo because he’s had enough. He needs to know why she’s so cold. She can’t believe he’s playing dumb about this! He really can’t remember her spilling her guts when he came out of surgery? No he really can’t. There’s a glimmer of “oh crap” when he reminds her he wasn’t quite himself because he was the one doing the brain surgery – Allison was IN his body! But before they can talk more the alarms go off. “WARNING power grid failure imminent. Initiate emergency protocols.”

Jo’s found that the same person that opened the valve in the nitrogen lab also entered the code to take down the power grid. Nothing can be traced and all communications are glitched. Jacks going to get Andy and check out the cell tower while Henry keeps looking into things at GD.

Zane and Fargo argue the semantics of consciousness. Is Holly’s brain still trapped in the machine or is it just the matrix continuing a logical program? (LOVE the Ghost in the Machine nod!) If she IS real, how do you tell her that her body died? Fargo’s gotta try. Jo walks in on this little experiment but Zane cuts her off before she can see exactly what he’s doing and with whom. Just as Fargo is about to explain to Holly why she can’t get out Zane yanks the plug. Somebody’s got to go help Henry with this crazy crisis.

Jack’s out looking for the cell tower but he can’t seem to find it. Andy says he can’t miss it – it’s 200 meters high with a big flashing red light. Jack finds the flashing red light but that tower’s nowhere near 200 meters high. While he’s waiting for Andy to meet him he figures out why the tower isn’t 200 meters high – the area is like quicksand except all covered in grass. There goes Jack’s jeep. And there goes Jack. Vine? Rope? Nope. “Excuse me while I whip this out.” Andy unbuckles his belt to release 50 feet of high tensile steel cable… oooooh S.A.R.A.H. you lucky gal!

Meanwhile, Jo and a full swat team are hunting an unknown creature that’s escaped the aggression lab. (Weren’t there bunnies in the aggression lab?) Ok its not a bunny but close; it’s a guinea pig. “CAUTION! This corridor is contaminated with imodium chloride gas.” Wait… haven’t we heard that warning before – as in during the simulation?! This doesn’t look like a simulation though.

Henry’s found the same person that opened the valve and shut down the power grid also created the ground liquefaction. For being the least intelligent person at GD Jack is usually the first to figure out what’s going on – everything that’s happened has been exactly like the simulation! He’s able to save Jo, the swat team AND the guinea pig! Go Jack!

Leave it to Jack to figure it out again. It’s AEDA, Dr. Clark’s AI. She’s rigged everything to really go wrong this time. She was built way too well! Next on the list of impending disasters? A missile heading for GD and the main shields failing. But AEDA can’t launch a foreign countries missiles… or can she? Yup she can. Well not from another country – she can, however, launch missiles from GD. Unfortunately they’re locked out of the defense system so they can’t launch a counter attack and they all know that the EM shield will fail. Henry nearly snaps Jack’s head off when he keeps pestering about a back-up shield “Jack! No one just has an EM shield lying around!” Actually, Zane was using one to hide his little top secret experiment with Fargo. Sheepishly he offers it up. All the odds are against them though because this thing is too small. Jack’s determined to do better than a B+

Fargo’s having too much fun watching Jack lug around that heavy box. They “think” they have it in the right position. YES!! They did it! All of the missile bits detonate on the little shield!

Allison pays a long needed visit to Jo. She confesses everything and apologizes. (That’s going to be a tough one for Jo to forgive.)

AAAAWWWW Fargo spills that Zane wasn’t being a jerk to her. Zane was helping him with something and he can’t tell her because he’d rather not implicate his head of security.

AAAAWWWW Allison and Jack are all giddy while they try crazy fondue items for their engagement party.

AAAAWWWW Jo toasts Jack and Allison.

EVERYTIME these people come together I bawl like a baby!! It’s like the cast is saying good bye in every episode! And the anguished look on Fargo’s face! How can he celebrate when his heart is crushed? How can WE celebrate when OUR hearts are being crushed? This has to be the most bitter-sweet last season I’ve ever watched in the history of all tv watching!

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