It’s a movie that audiences have been waiting for the last 33 years to be made and the countdown has begun.  The days are ticking by for the premiere of the much anticipated Ridley Scott directed film ‘Prometheus’ and 20th Century Fox has released another clip from the film.

Here, we have the first look of what the crew of the ship Prometheus initially sees as they reach the alien planet’s surface. The clip obviously demonstrates that Scott spared no expense when it came to building the sets for the movie as the interior of Prometheus looks quite intricate. Even the sights of the alien mountains and valleys are impressive as the ship eventually lands on their destination. As the clip announces, “Prometheus has landed!”, and it’s just the start of the sci-fi ride that fans have been waiting for!

There’s no spoilers in this footage but it does set up the excitement for the movie. Check out the latest clip from ‘Prometheus’ below.

‘Prometheus’ Clip – Prometheus Has Landed:

‘Prometheus’ lands in theaters on June 8th.

Source: CBM