According to, the twice-cancelled cult series ‘Jericho’ might be revived thanks to Netflix. The site is reporting that the CBS drama that followed the residents of a small Kansas town in the wake of a nuclear attack could see new life on the video streaming site a la ‘Arrested Development’.

After one season of low ratings, CBS pulled the plug on the show in May 2007. Fans retaliated and bombarded the network with bags of peanuts as part of a campaign to keep the show alive. The network listened to the fans and gave ‘Jericho’ a second chance. Unfortunately, the unorthodox tactic was in vain because the second season received lower viewership than ever and was cancelled again in 2008.

There was talk of Comcast continuing the series in a similar fashion to ‘Friday Night Lights’ after the second cancellation, but things fell through. Then, in 2009, executive producer Jon Turteltaub spoke about developing a movie sequel to the show, but that didn’t pan out either. The only continuation of ‘Jericho’ that fans have been able to see so far can be found in the pages of a comic book.

Talks to bring ‘Jericho’ to Netflix are still extremely preliminary, so don’t start planning those watch parties just yet. There are still hurdles to jump over like rounding up the cast and executive producers, many of whom are off working on something else.

And not to get your hopes up, ‘Jericho’ fans, but since Netflix is willing to give fans what they want and they’re looking to expand their original content slate, the stars potentially could align for this to happen.

And now we play the waiting game to see if anything comes of it. But while you do so, at least you can watch episodes on Netflix to catch up or reacquaint yourself with the citizens of Jericho, Kansas.

Are you excited for the potential return of ‘Jericho’ or do you think that it’s not even worth bringing back? Sound off in the comment section!