Kilowog is nursing a broken heart, after finding love last episode with Galia of the Zor tribe.  Hal tries to cheer him up, but their ship is attacked by a giant, tentacled space creature.  The Lanterns, along with Razer fly out to battle it, but the creature is too powerful.  Not even a shock blast from their ship phases it.  Kilowog is about to be eaten, before the arrival of two Star Sapphires.  Kilowog wonders how many different colored Lantern Corps there are.  One Sapphire explains they harness the power of love.  The pair send… love vibrations?… toward the creature.  It calms down and flits off as if dancing on air(less space).  The older Sapphire introduces herself as Aga’po and her companion as her niece Gieta.  She tells them that this is their sector of space.  Hal tells them that they could use their help battling the Red Lanterns, which appeals to Gieta very much.  Aga’po invites them to their home planet, Zamaron.

On  the ship, Gieta is draped over Hal like a cheap jacket.  Aga’po senses Kilowog is suffering from a broken heart.  She seems to read his mind, then her ring glows.  We cut to Galia on her planet, likewise suffering from being apart from Kilowog, when suddenly a Violet Power Ring appears.

The Lanterns arrive on Zamaron, but Razer has no desire to accompany them.  Aga’po tells Hal and Kilowog that long ago, their people were of the same race as their masters.  Kilowog winces, “You and the Guardians?  Thanks for putting that in my head.”  Hal remarks, “Usually the hot girls don’t go for the nerds.”  Aga’po explains  that they split because The Guardians refused to let emotion influence their judgements, which the Zamarons found “insufferable and foolish.”

Once they arrive in the city, it is revealed that Aga’po is their queen.  They further elaborate on their belief that Love is the force that will save the universe.  Hal realizes there are no males and Gieta explains that “Life is more peaceful and loving if women are in charge.”  She then takes Hal by the arm and offers to show him around.  Kilowog meanwhile spies Star Sapphire Galia, who smiles but walks away.

Gieta shows Hal around and makes a move on him, but he gets flustered and says “Let’s not be late for the banquet,” and rushes off.

Kilowog chases Galia until he catches up to her.  He is delighted to see her, but Galia has changed.  She now has the same slinky, seductive persona as Gieta and the others.  She wants to show him something “to keep our love alive and thriving forever.”  Her ring glows.

Back on the ship, Aya has completed the repairs from the space creature attack, but that Kilowog “is not responding.  His energy levels have gone flat.”  Razer contacts Hal, who brushes him off.  Gieta pulls him off, while suddenly we see Kilowog encased in violet crystal!

Queen Aga’po contacts Gieta and asks what’s taking her so long.  Gieta replies that Hal isn’t like any man she’s ever met.  She is clearly smitten.  Aga’po tells her not to forget who is supposed to fall in love with whom and to take swifter actions, “Or else I will.”  She serves him Kavleen Fruit Juice and he seems very relaxed.  She strokes his face, but it’s Carol Ferris, his boss/love interest back on Earth that occupies his thoughts.  Aga’po is able to view his thoughts and realizes the fact that he already has a true love is making him resistant to Gieta’s influence.  She crafts another Violet Ring and sends it to Earth, where Carol Ferris is given the sad news that despite all efforts, no signs of Hal Jordan have turned up and that she should terminate her search and move on.  She breaks down sobbing, when the Violet Ring appears and invites her to join the Star Sapphires.

Aga’po’s guards block Razer and Aya from entering, but Aga’po intervenes, saying “This is an honored guest.”  Razer demands to know where Kilowog is, but Aga’po breathlessly says she doesn’t know but offers to help him search for him.  Aya says she can sense him nearby, but his vital signs are too weak to pinpoint.  Aga’po tells Aya she is not welcome, because she is an emotionless machine.  Razer tells Aya to wait for him.  After Razer and the Zamarons leave, Aya decides to conduct her own search.

Aya locates Kilowog… and hundreds of other prisoners encased in the violet crystal.  She radios Razer, but is attacked by Galia.  The pair battle with Aya gaining the upper hand, knocking Galia unconscious.  Unfortunately, two more Star Sapphires appear and Aya must flee.

On Earth, Carol allows the ring to slide on her finger and she is transformed into a Star Sapphire, then walks into a portal.

In the Zamaron Royal Palace, Razer crosses his arms and remarks, “What a shock.  Kilowog’s not here either.”  She tells him not to worry and walks toward him with a glass of Kalveen Fruit Juice, when the wall behind her explodes with green energy.  It’s Aya and she tells Razer that Kilowog has been captured.

Back on the balcony, Gieta goes to refill Hal’s glass, when suddenly Carol appears before him.  At first she is confused until she realizes he is Hal and they embrace.  But then Gieta returns and Carol snarls, “I see I’ve interrupted something,” before blasting Gieta!  To Hal she says, “All this time I thought you were dead.  Now you’re gonna wish you were dead!”  She blasts Hal and turns to Gieta, who realizes that Carol is suffering from delirium from her transformation.  Hal tries to reason with her, but she zaps him again.  Hal continues trying to reason with her but Carol is acting like your jealous, crazy, drunk ex-girlfriend in the club.  “Talk to the hand!” she cries firing a construct hand to slap him out of the sky.  They continue battling until Hal pulls her to him.  He tells her letting go of her was the hardest thing he’s ever done.  She thinks he’s lying, so he takes her ring and points it toward his chest, which seems to break the spell and they kiss.

The energy aura fades and Carol says, “Hal?  Where on Earth are we?”  He tells her about the Red Lantern invasion and explains that is why he had to leave her behind.  She responds, “If Earth needs someone out here, fighting for us, they couldn’t have picked a more brave or resourceful champion.”

Gieta tells Carol she can protect Hal, by keeping him captured there, safe from the war.  “The power of your love can hold him here.”  Carol replies, “Oh honey, that’s not love.  That’s selfishness.  Real love is sacrifice.  Putting another’s needs before your own.  Doing what’s best for the person you love.”  She gives Gieta the ring back and shifts back to her regular clothes.  “Although I will miss the boots.”  Gieta is startled.  “No one has ever rejected a Star Sapphire Power Ring.  No one has ever had the strength.”  She opens a portal back to Earth.  Carol tells Hal to do what he has to do, “Then come home to me.”  Then she walks through.

Hal and Gieta are rocked by vibrations from a nearby explosion.  Hal receives a call from Aya.  He locates Kilowog and frees him.  Kilowog is still dazed and embraces Hal saying “Galia.”  He then asks why Hal freed him.  “I was so happy!”  Hal replies, “I’m the bad guy for not letting you stay a lawn ornament.”

Aya and Razer are locked in furious combat with the Star Sapphires.  They fight valiantly, but are overcome.  Razer demands that Kilowog be free, but she insists he is happy and is about to imprison Razer before Gieta interrupts saying they have been acting based on a misunderstanding of what true love is.  She tells Aga’po what Carol did, but Aga’po silences her.  “Men spread war.  The galaxy will know peace only when all men have been gentled.”

Aga’po reads Razers mind and sees Alanna, his true love that died.  “But whose form lives again… in this robot,” she states looking at Aya.  Razer looks at her and realizes it was true.  “You were in my mind.  You stole the image of Alanna from my memories.”  Aya replies that she simply based her appearance on the last image in her memory banks.  Aga’po declares that Razer is dead inside and of no use to them.  She is about to kill him when Hal and Kilowog arrive.  They free Razer and the four of them depart.  Aga’po summons the Cephalon.  (Oh, I see where this is going…)

The Cephalon is the giant space creature from the beginning of the show!  It’s how the Zamarons capture their prey!  They swoop in and seemingly free them.  Just as in the beginning, the Cephalon is too powerful for the Green Lanterns and Razer, but Gieta turns against her people and uses her ring to calm the creature.  She tells them to flee as Aga’po and her army approach, including Galia.  Kilowog drops his shield, but Hal drags him to the ship.

Aga’po tells Gieta she has much to learn.  “No my Queen.  I have much to teach.”

The Star Sapphires here come across more sinister than they do in the comics, where they are actually one of the “good” Lantern colors.  This episode is the classic tale of Circe with a sci fi twist.  Overall, it was enjoyable, but this show is getting kind of predictable in that in almost every episode they encounter aliens that seem kind and benevolent who turn out to have a sinister secret.  And you can always see it coming from a mile away!  There are little twists.  I didn’t see the Cephalon as being part of the Zamaron’s plans.  But there needs to be more diversity in terms of plotting.

I like Carol Ferris in the comics, but I LOVED (get it?) her appearance here.  Strong, smart, generous, selfless… great depiction!  I’m definitely a fan of this Carol and hope she gets to appear more in the future. One thing that bugs me, if the Star Sapphies can open a portal to Earth, can’t they open a portal to Oa?  Just sayin’.  Yes, it changes the dynamic of the show, but logic is logic.  Hal and Kilowog’s deep space journey should have ended here.

So yeah enjoyable, but a tad stale and predictable.  Agree?  Disagree?  Comment below!

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