“They’re heeeeeeeeeeere.”

We’ve had plenty of remakes of classic horror films in theaters over the past decade. Some of them (‘Friday the 13th’) were horrid while others were actually pretty darn good (‘The Hills Have Eyes’). MGM is currently working on a new adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’. Now we can add one more remake to the list since MGM has just reported that they’ll also be remaking Tobe Hoopers 1982 classic ‘Poltergeist’.

THR released MGM’s announcement yesterday and the bigger news isn’t that Hollywood is making a remake (Heck! Every third movie seems like a remake these days.) but that legendary horror director Sam Raimi will be producing the ‘Poltergeist’ remake.

Sam Raimi is best known to modern audiences as the director all three ‘Spider-Man’ films with Tobey Maguire. But, for horror fans, Raimi will always be remembered as the director of 1981’s ‘Evil Dead’ and it’s sequels ‘Evil Dead II’ and ‘Army of Darkness’. But don’t get your hopes up, fans. Raimi will not be in the director’s chair this time around. He will, however, be helping MGM to select the director.

For now, the only name beside Raimi that’s attached to ‘Poltergeist’ is David Lindsay-Abaire. Lindsay-Abaire most recently wrote the script for Raimi’s own ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ and his background is mostly in children’s films (‘Inkheart’, ‘Rise of the Guardians’) so it’ll be interesting to see if he has a darker side that he can bring to the ghostly terror of ‘Poltergeist’.

What do you think, fans? Are you ready for another ‘Poltergeist’ movie? More importantly… who will fill the diminutive but awesome shoes of Zelda Rubinstein as Tangina? Comment below and give your thoughts.