Writer, director, and producer Zak Penn is no stranger to heroes. His first movie writing credit on his IMDb page is the story for ‘Last Action Hero’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, he’s been involved with ‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘X2’, ‘Elektra’, ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, and ‘The Avengers’. Now, Penn is making the transition from blockbuster big screen superhero movies to the medium that superheroes pioneered: comic books.

According to Deadline,the creator of ‘Alphas’ is creating his own superhero comic book series for Avatar Press called ‘Hero Worship’. The six-issue series will be drawn by Michael DiPascale and co-written by Penn and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ screenwriter Scott Murphy.

The comic will center on Zenith, “an indestructible hero who has legions of fans following every disaster, trying to catch a glimpse of the ultimate celebrity and risking their own lives in the process. One of his fans becomes so obsessed it leads to the development of his own powers.”

Here’s the cover of the first issue:

Issue number one of ‘Hero Worship’ is set to hit comic book stores in July. Will you be picking it up? And how soon do you think we’ll be seeing Zak Penn’s own superhero creation, Zenith, on the big screen?