Not much information has come out about the upcoming second season of the FX hit ‘American Horror Story’ other than some casting announcements. So far we know that both Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto will be returning and that the new season will take place somewhere on the East Coast in what is being called a “horror institution”.

Well… I’m not here to give you any more detail on that secretive storyline but we do have a new bit of casting info, courtesy of Shock Til You Drop that is sure to fire some fan speculation.

According to the STYD announcement, French actress Lizzie Brochere will be joining the cast of ‘American Horror Story’. Brochere will be playing a character named Gia who is described as “a fierce, ferocious, extremely sexual and dangerous wild-child sexpot who harbors a secret”. What exactly does this vague description actually mean? Some fans are predicting that the dangerous mental aspect of the character (being based on Angelina Jolie’s role in ‘Girl Interrupted’) and the term “horror institution” might lend credence to the belief that the new setting will be in a mental home.

Of course all of this is speculation at this point but I’m sure fans will want to toss their two cents into the debate. What are your thought? Will AHS be about an asylum the next go ‘round or is it something completely unexpected?