If you read my recaps often, I usually try to give you a quick recap of what happened in the previous episodes of ‘Once Upon a Time’, but last week there was no real big plot points exposed. Emma now carries the book, because she is starting to believe. Mary escaped the prison but came back when she realized she’s the closest thing to family Emma has. The Evil Queen tricked the Mad Hatter into staying trapped in Wonderland to rescue her father.

If you missed the episode, you can check out my recap here, but it was definitely a filler episode. After this week’s episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ airs, it will be on a brief hiatus, returning April 22nd to ABC.  This week promises to be a more story driven episode, finally finding out why Regina hates Snow so much.

Story Time

Young Regina rides her horse as her father watches. Her mother approaches, telling her that it wasn’t beautiful, that she rides like a man, and that she is not graceful. She continues to scold her, telling her she should use a saddle. Regina laughs, telling her that she was jut riding for fun, but her mother replies that she is getting a little old for fun. The stable boy interrupts, offering a saddle, but Regina says she’s done riding for the day, then scolds him for interrupting. She begins to stomp away, but Mother is able to bring her back using magic. Regina gets angry, telling her to stop using her magic to control her. “I’ll stop using magic when you start being an obedient daughter” Mother wants Regina to lead a life filled with riches and a high status. Regina doesn’t care about status, she just wants to be herself. Later that evening, Regina apologizes to Daniel for snapping at him. She does so by kissing him.

The next day, Regina rides out to see Daniel past the woods. Daniel wants Regina to tell her parents about their love. She goes on to explain that she is not afraid of her father, but afraid of her mother. Regina fears her mother’s magic, but Daniel replies “True love is the most powerful magic of all, it’ll overcome anything.” They are interrupted by a rider who is screaming while on a runaway horse. Regina chases after her. The rider is a young girl, saying she’ll never ride again. Rider is Snow as a young girl. Regina tells her that she needs to get back onto the horse, and to face her fears.

Regina changes into her riding clothes, but her mother (using magic) changes her into a ball gown. She explains that the king is coming to thank her for rescuing Snow. King Leopold comes in, explaining that Snow does not have a mother, and hasn’t yet met anyone who has taken an interest in his daughter. As a result, he asks for Reginas hand in marriage. Her shock takes over, but before she can decline her mother answers yes for her. That night, Regina runs to Daniel, asking for his hand in marriage. She quickly explains the situation with King Leopold and her mother. Regina cries at the thought of marrying the king. “The only way out is to run. For us to leave this place, for us to get married and to never look back.”  Regina swears that all she cares about it Daniel and that being queen means nothing. Daniel says they have to do it properly, giving her a ring off of a saddle. They kiss. Suddenly, Snow opens the doors and walks into the stable. Snow, surprised at the lovers embrace, cries and runs away. Regina chases after her into the woods. When Snow trips and falls, Regina is able to catch up. Snow asks why she was kissing Daniel. Regina explains that she doesn’t love King Leopold and tries to explain how true love works to her. She tells Snow how true love is the most powerful magic of all. Snow smiles after the explanation. Regina explains that she can’t tell her father, that her mother wouldn’t approve and begs Snow to keep the secret. “You can never speak of this, and above all you canot tell my mother” Snow promises to keep the secret.

Snow looks at the flowers, reaching up to grab one as Regina’s mother tells her to be gentle. The two talk, Mother telling Snow not to fear her. She is happy for Snow and Regina, “It warms my heart how you two share everything already.” Mother asks Snow why Regina has pulled away from her, knowing that she’s unhappy. Mother says she would do anything to make her happy. Snow tells her how it was hard to lose her mother. Mother does not want to lose Regina, all she wants is her happiness. Snow tells her to not make Regina get married, that she doesn’t love her father that she loves someone else. She says she can’t lose her, she can’t lose her mother, no one should. To help Regina and Mother, Snow tells her about Daniel.

That night, Regina runs into the stable, where Daniel is ready to go. They embrace, but as they turn to leave Mother stands in front of them. She uses magic to lock them in the stable. Mother is hurt that they would run off without saying goodbye, but Regina says she’s impossible to talk to. Mother says she made a lot of sacrifices to give Regina the life she has now, which leads to an argument. Regina asks her, “What is your plan, you’re going to keep us here forever? Because that’s what you’re going to have to do.” Mother says she will not stop her. Regina hugs her with thanks. Mother takes Daniel aside to tell him to always do whats best for his children. As he relaxes around Mother, she rips out his heart and crushes it. Regina falls to his side, sobbing. “Why have you done this?” Mother tells her,“Because this is your happy ending. Love is weakness Regina, it feels real now, it always does, but it’s an illusion, but it fades, and you’re left with nothing but power. I saved you my love.” Then tells her to clean herself up, and wipe away the tears, because now she is going to be queen.

Regina gets put into her wedding dress. Snow walks in, and says she is the fairest of them all. Snow tells Regina how she told her mother about Daniel, but she apologizes, saying she didn’t want Regina to lose her mother like she lost hers. Snow asks her,“Are you mad?” Regina replied “No. I’m not mad at all. You’re just trying to help me. But I’m not marrying Daniel, this dress is for your father. That’s the thing about love, it can come in the most strangest of places.” She continues, “We’re going to be a family.” Snow hugs her, while Regina grimaces. Mother walks into the room, sending Snow away to pack. Regina leaves to change out of her dress. Mother says she is so proud of her. Regina guesses that Mother knew the king was travelling, the steed that Snow was on didn’t go wild on its own. Regina tells Mother “I should have let her die on that horse.”

Real Time

Regina plays with the ring Daniel gave her while staring out the window. Mr. Gold comes in behind her, needing a favor. At this point we find out that this conversation takes place a week ago. There are some serious charges put against him, and he wants those charges to be dropped. He offers Regina help with her Mary Margaret problem, “If you want to inflict pain, then you need to inflict pain” he ominously states, “We all know what happens to people when they try to leave town.” Regina asks how she can trust him, which he truthfully responds that he always honors his agreements.

Emma comes out of the diner. David catches up with her where he tries to apologize for accidentally saying that Mary is guilty. He misspoke, because he doesn’t think she’s guilty. Emma explains right now Mary doesn’t need his words, Mary needs a miracle. Back in the sheriffs office, Mary is woken up by Regina. Regina wants to offer her a chance to confess. Mary says its not her who killed her. Regina tells her “Confession or not, you’re leaving Storybrooke.” Mary asks, “What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?”

Emma, Mr. Gold and Mary talk about the upcoming case. Mr. Gold says to use the most valuable asset, which is Mary herself. “Perception is everything, not only in court but also in life” Sidney comes in with tulips, saying he can’t find anything on Regina, but tells Emma not to worry, he’s still digging. Mary says she will talk to the DA, knowing she has nothing to hide. People need to see her for who she is. As if on cue, Regina shows up with the DA. The DA badgers her during questioning, being very obvious in his distaste for Mary Margaret. Mr. Gold ends the questioning early due to his hostility.

Emma studies the book as August approaches her. She tells him that she is grasping at straws at trying to prove Mary is innocent. August responds that she has writers block.  He tells her to go back and re-read what she writes, to get new ideas. Emma’s missing person case, became a murder case, became a cover up against Regina. He tells her “if you knew that then, maybe you would have approached things differently”. Believing what he says, Emma decides she needs to re-evaluate the crime scenes. August offers to drive. Emma protests, but then allows him. August twists his ankle on the way down the hill to the Toll Bridge. August knows that Mary is the closest thing to family that Emma has, but before she can respond, Emma finds a shard of shovel in the ground by where the box is found.  Later on, Regina checks on a sleeping Henry. Henry radios to Emma that Regina is in the shower and the key is under the mat. Emma and August search the garage. A broken shovel is found in the back of the garage, revealing that Regina committed the murder.

Emma goes to Regina with a search warrant to open the garage but she is surprised to find out that the shovel has been replaced. Regina tells Emma, “That woman has destroyed the last life she is ever going to destroy.” Emma confronts August, since he was the only other person who knew about it, angered that he told Regina. August denies everything, but Emma walks away. Back in the sheriffs office, Mary cries in her cell. Regina comes in to gloat about the trial, which starts tomorrow and it won’t be a long one as she says, “I want to enjoy this while I still can.” Mary apologies for anything she did, she doesn’t know what she did wrong. Regina tells her she deserves this.

Regina clutches the ring saying, “We got her Daniel. We got her.” Mary is handcuffed. Emma talks to Mr. Gold, who tells her that there is still time for him to work a little magic. Emma smashes the vase with tulips that Sidney brought in. Looking at it closer, she finds a bug inside. August comes out of the diner, Emma approaches and apologizes for doubting him showing him the bugs. “Sometimes its hard to see whats right in front of us. But I knew you would.” A scream is heard. Ruby is crying. There is a body on the ground in the alley. Shaking, Kathryn turns and faces Emma.

I am very happy with this episode. While I didn’t think it was surprising that Snow had separated Regina from her lover, I wasn’t aware how much younger than her Snow was. While it’s not something I would literally move worlds for, Regina’s anger stems not just from Snow, but from her Mother as well. I thought was very interesting. I hope to see more of Regina’s mother…at least we see where her manipulating skills come from!

What did you think of this weeks episode?

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on April 22nd.