After a week off because of the Oscars last week, ‘Once Upon a Time’ returns after quite the cliffhanger. Last we saw, Mary and David were very publicly outed by an understandably angry Kathryn. She has been accepted into a law school in Boston, and after deciding to forgive David and Mary for their lies, packs up and leaves to start her life over. But before she leaves the city limits, she disappears with her car still running, and the gym teacher discovering it.

Story Time 

The Blue Fairy sits on a cloud as a younger fairy struggles with a large bag. The younger fairy explains her dream of becoming a fairy god mother. Which makes the blue fairy laugh. The blue fairy explains, that fairy dust is what powers the earth and explains that she cannot even handle a years worth. As they fly away some dust falls onto an egg which hatches prematurely, revealing grumpy.

Grumpy sits in a room while he is being groomed. They have explained to him, that dwarves don’t fall in love, they mine the diamonds which brings light to the world. They hand him his axe and reveal that his original name was Dreamy. They start whistling as they walk to the mines.

Dreamy mines the diamonds which gets pounded and made into fairy dust. The younger fairy, who says her name is Nova, cannot shut off the valve, so she calls for help to which Dreamy answers and shuts the valve off. As they talk, Nova accidentally puts the bag of fairy dust on a conveyor belt, Dreamy chases after the bag and barely grabs the bag. He tells her that she would be a great fairy god mother. Nova then invites Dreamy to see the fireflies that night, but he doesn’t quite understand the invitation. He wishes her a good time, to which she responds that he’s her hero.

After work, the dwarves mess around at an inn. Dreamy explains to the head dwarf that he hasn’t been able to eat or sleep. Behind him, Belle sits and tells him that he’s in love. She explains that “Love is home, fuels our dreams. If you’re in it, you need to enjoy it.” She further explains that she’s been heartbroken enough to know that it is fleeting. Belle tells Dreamy that Nova was inviting him to see the fireflies with her, tells him “Go find your love. Find your hope. Find your dreams.”

Dreamy climbs to the top of the hill, where Nova sneaks up behind him, not thinking he was going to make it. She tells him that she’s not part of the world, “Flying over the world and being a part of it isn’t exactly the same thing.” Dreamy tells her they should get a boat and sail around the world together. She kisses him, agreeing that it “sounds like a dream come true.”

As Dreamy goes to sneak away that night, he is stopped by Stealthy. He explains to them that “Things change when you fall in love”. They support him, all hugging him before he begins to walk away. Climbing up the path he is intercepted by the head dwarf and Blue Fairy. They stop him, telling him that dwarves are incapable of love, and “Nova can be a great fairy if you let her.” If Nova leaves with Dreamy, she will lose her wings. Dreamy faces the tough decision as he climbs to the top of the hill. Nova happily shows him their boat, which is packed with everything that they will need for their trip. Sadly, Dreamy tells her they cannot run away together. Nova figures out that the Blue Fairy spoke to him, angrily tries to get him to tell her what she said. Dreamy lies to her, telling her he is incapable of love. Nova cries as Dreamy returns to the mines, breaking his ax on a particularly hard stone. He is given a new ax, his name changes to Grumpy.

Real Time

Leroy sits at the counter eating breakfast at Granny’s. “Sneezy” comes by and asks him to move down a seat, which he tells him that he will not. Sneezy sneezes on his breakfast, causing him to lose his appetite. Mary then comes into the diner, announcing that she is looking for help for the upcoming Miner’s Day festival. She is ignored, which when Leroy goes to leave he tells her “The only person people in this town like less than me is you.” Tearing up,  Mary walks away with  Emma trailing behind her. Mary explains to Emma that Miner’s Day is an annual event that is an amazing party. She reflects that she’s never been a homewrecker before, thinking that she ruined her life. Before Emma can console her, she gets a call.

Leroy walks through the Miner’s Day set up, glitter falling on his head. He looks up and sees one of the nuns apologizing for her clumsy hands. He helps her with the lights, getting them to turn on for her. She introduces herself as Astrid. They talk about their dreams, that Leroy has always wanted to be a sailor. Astrid tells him “Someone once told me you can do anything as long as you can dream it.” As this goes on, Emma investigates the scene of Kathryn’s disappearance. Sidney is there, taking pictures for his independent articles. Emma muses that Kathryn might have hitchhiked to Boston, but then they find her clothes in the backseat. Before they can investigate further, David pulls up to the scene. He tells her that the last time he and Kathryn spoke was when they broke up. Sidney has Regina pull Kathryn’s phone records. Regina calls him when they arrive.

Leroy whistles the dwarves tune as he approaches Mary, asking if he can volunteer. Because she needs help, she accepts as long as he realizes she’s calling all the shots. He notices Astrid, who is in trouble because she accidentally ordered 12 dozen helium tanks, spending all of the convents money, not enough to make rent for Mr. Gold. Leroy promises her that they will sell all of the candles. After the Miner’s Day festival seems to flop, he comes up with the idea to go door to door, but the towns people slam the doors in their faces. Leroy goes to tell Astrid about the candles, but chickens out and tells her that they sold them all. She hugs him, thanking him. As Leroy walks away, Mary scolds him for his lie, but he promises to get the $5,000.

Later on, Leroy tries to sell his boat to Mr. Gold, pushing for $5,000. Mr. Gold isn’t interested, especially if it is to save the nuns. He has a long complicated history with them, and dislikes them very much. After Mr. Gold leaves, Astrid arrives with a pie to thank Leroy. She notices the candles, which Leroy tries to apologize for, ending with “Guess you believed in the wrong guy.” Sadly, Astrid walks away.

Meanwhile, Sidney tries to convince Emma that David is lying about when he last spoke with Kathryn. Regina sees Emma in her office about her “friend” Kathryn, thinking that Emma isn’t doing her job. Emma tells her that she cannot divulge what is happening in the case, which causes Regina to threaten her.

Mary and Leroy drink together. Mary tells Leroy that him and Astrid can never be together. She tells him of her own experience, that there are consequences for doing things that the world tells you not to do. Leroy tells her that because she has good memories with David that she should stop feeling sorry for herself. She should enjoy her memories. Leroy realizes that there is only one thing he can do, and climbs on top of a building. Mary thinks he’s going to jump, which she tries to convince him not to do. He looks at her like she is stupid, and knocks out the power to the town. He tells them that they are going to sell candles. They quickly sell out of them, which Leroy happily gives Astrid the $5,000. He gets his moment with Astrid. He promises her he will fix the boat up, and offers Astrid to be the first passenger, which she happily accepts.

After they sell out the candles, Mary heads to her car, which the TRAMP red paint still is stained. Sadly, she walks away with her candle. Granny stops her, lighting her candle for her. Mary smiles, knowing that the healing is starting in the town. David watches from afar, when Emma approaches him, telling him he needs to come with her, Mary looks over and sees Emma put David in the backseat of the police car.

So I felt this episode was kind of slow. I think it’s an interesting story how Grumpy became Grumpy, but I really don’t want the Kathryn story dragged out. I hope that it isn’t. I really enjoyed seeing Belle again, and hope she becomes a reoccurring character. I did like seeing Amy Acker, and her Nova/Astrid character. They were very cute characters.

What did you think of this episode? What is your theory of Kathryn?

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