A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a breakup wherein a man’s ex-wife tossed out his entire collection of Star Wars memorabilia. That was a terrible thing to see, but brace yourselves, fanboys. Today’s break-up disaster is much much worse!

Tony Alleyne, a resident of Leicester, UK and the very definition of Trekkie, did what every one of us dreams of… he turned his entire house into a replica of a Star Trek ship!

When Tony’s soon-to-be-ex-wife left him back in 1994, he made the decision to begin work on a massive project that would transform the 500-square foot interior of his flat into that of a Starfleet ship. Basing his designs on the USS Voyager, Alleyne got to work.

After 10 years, Alleyne’s work was complete. His apartment looked like something out of one of a Trek fan’s most exquisite wet dreams. He had hand-crafted every piece of furniture, reworked the walls, added a command console, a transporter room, voice-activated lighting sytestem… even a Trek bathroom! Alleyne’s apartment was as close as any fan is going to get to cruising on the Voyager in our lifetimes. When asked why he chose the Voyager over something more popular like the Enterprise, Alleyene said:

“I have always considered that of all the Starfleet ships, Voyager is, in terms of interior, the luxury liner of the galaxy.”

Isn't it beautiful?

Now it’s time to brace yourself. If you’re prone to great emotions and tears, please stop reading now.

After 16 years, Alleyne’s divorce is being finalized and his ex-wife Georgina has decided that she wants to sell the apartment since she is the legal owner and has paid the mortage on it since leaving in 1994. That means that Tony has no choice to destroy the entirety of his Star Trek dream-maker since the work is embedded into the home and there’s no way to remove it otherwise.

When asked how much it would cost to rebuild the Starship home again, Alleyne said that the original cost close to £100,000. That’s over $150,000 in US currency.

I think I need to sit down. I’m just hearing about this and I’m upset over this. I can’t imagine being in Tony’s place right now.

“To say I’m gutted is an understatement. It is my life’s work,” Tony said of the destruction “and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.”

Check out the rest of the images above (click to see them larger) of Tony’s Voyager-themed apartment and tell me that your tears don’t well up a little bit.

Of course, if you have the cash and the desire to have your own custom Star Trek home, Tony is now in the home design business. Check out his website at 24th Century Design.