After last year’s hit ‘Insidious’, director James Wan is looking to follow it up with another successful thriller called ‘The Conjuring’. James Wan is known for his creepy imagination. He was one of the creators of ‘Saw’, and has since spread his wings in the horror genre. He wrote and directed ‘Dead Silence’ as well as directed ‘Death Sentence’. He was one of the writers of ‘Saw 3’ as well.

‘The Conjuring’ is being written by twin brothers Chad and Carey Hayes. They have written screenplays in the past such as ‘House of Wax’, ‘The Reaping’ and ‘Whiteout’.

‘The Conjouring’ is based on the lives of the Perron family in Rhode Island during the 1970s and the paranormal activity they experienced in their Rhode Island home. Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were demonologists and psychic investigators, helped the Perron’s by investigating the paranormal activities they were up against in the home. Initially reports were made that the movie would be loosely based on their lives in general, but according to ShockTillYouDrop it will concentrate on “one of the many supernatural cases they investigated.”

Up for the roles of Ed and Lorraine Warren is Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Wilson recently worked with Wan in ‘Insidious’, but he is no stranger to the thriller genre. He was also in ‘Hard Candy’ and ‘Lakeview Terrace’. You probably also recognize him as Dan Dreiberg, also known as Nite Owl from ‘The Watchmen’. Farmiga is also familiar with thrillers, playing tortured mother Kate Coleman in ‘Orphan’ in 2009.

With no exact date as of yet, ‘The Conjuring’ will be released sometime in 2013.