In what appeared to be just a regular interview with ‘Prometheus’ screen writer Damon Lindelof, a new photo used in the article has the got many people buzzing. The picture had lead actress Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw off center on an alien ship. As pretty as she is, what has the internet fandom more interested is the two objects to the left and behind her which strongly resemble the Space Jockey from the original ‘Alien’ movie.

The photo (seen below) was from the L.A. Times.


Although in the past, ‘Alien’ designer H.R. Giger has said he believed the Space Jockey was a fossilized creature, in an interview with Filmophilia, Ridley Scott has affirmed that what was seen in the original movie was not a skeleton but a suit.  Upon closer examination, the shape of the head also is similar to the helmet design that was leaked to Cinemart.

I love how the promotion of the movie is going! The images they have been releasing contain more than what is seen. From the large alien presence in the trailer, to the flesh version of the Space Jockey mask and now the picture above, Scott has managed to excite the fans by leaving hints about the movie and I now find myself going through pictures looking for sublime clues.

So what do you think about the new photo that’s been released and how it fits into the move?