It’s not uncommon for studios to start working on a sequel before a movie is even released. Most of the time, they hire a writer and wait to see how the movie does. If it tanks, all the studios are out is the cost to hire a writer, but if the movie does well, they can go ahead and start production so that the time between movies is minimal. Such is the case with Lionsgate and their movie ‘The Hunger Games.’

Even before the trailer was released, Lionsgate already had plans to make a sequel to the movie ‘The Hunger Games.’ They even announced a release date of November 22, 2013 in a press statement last August.  Just as the upcoming movie follows the first book, the sequel will follow the second book of the trilogy, ‘Catching Fire.’

According to Deadline, director Gary Ross was supposed to outline the second book with author Suzanne Collins. They wrote the first movie so it was only natural for the studios to have them do the sequel. But with Ross tied up in post-production in order to get the movie out in time for its March release, Lionsgate has decided to get a headstart on writing the screenplay – especially since response to Monday’s release of the trailer was met with much enthusiasm.

The producers of ‘The Hunger Games’, Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik, have now set their sights on Simon Beaufoy to write the script. Beaufoy is mostly known for writing ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘127 Hours.’ Although no formal negotiations have begun, Lionsgate is very keen on hiring him for the adaptation and with the sequel being on the studio’s list of high priority projects, they are working hard to get him to sign on.

‘Catching Fire’ focuses on the beginnings of the rebellion against the Capitol and finds Katniss struggling to deal with the ramifications of her actions during the Hunger Games.

With the buzz from the trailer alone, ‘The Hunger Games’ films can easily become a financial success for Lionsgate and if they keep true to the trilogy (as it looks like they have from the trailer) then fans will surely flock to see the film versions. If you missed it, here’s “The Hunger Games’ movie trailer.