In what appears to be a feat of triumph, Paramount has acquired the film rights to the sci-fi spec script ‘Hyperdrive.’

A spec script is a script written by a screenwriter with the hopes that it will be purchased by a producer, production company or studio. If the writer has an agent, the agent will send the script out to various prospective buyers in hopes of attracting a bidding war. This is the case of ‘Hyperdrive’. Apparently, many studios were eyeing the project but Paramount was able to triumph over all of them and gain the acquisition.

Hailed as a cross between ’48 Hours’ and ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Hyperdrive’, written by Morgan Jurgenson (‘Tucker and Dave vs. Evil’) and David Daniels, is the story of a tough cop who recruits a geeky science fiction author to help him search for a mysterious witness to a murder. During their search, they find themselves in the middle of a space opera playing out on Earth.

The tough cop recruiting the sci-fi author reminds me a lot of the premise of the TV show ‘Castle’ with the female cop hiring a top mystery writer to help her solve crimes. With the added addition of a space opera, though, this script does seem to have potential. I’m just excited that an original idea for a movie is given a chance amidst the upcoming remakes. Aren’t you?