“Insatiable” begins with a couple teenagers making out at lover’s lane. She’s into it; he hears a noise in the woods and goes to investigate with his flashlight. What he finds is quicker and nastier than any human can be, but leaves a human-shaped bite on both his and his girlfriend’s neck.

Pete and Myka Check out the situation. Claudia, meanwhile, is going through some mandatory R&R, cruising around open mic nights to show off her musical side where she meets a guy who takes a liking to her music. Pete and Myka show up in Ithaca and talk to the young couple. They find Kevin Monroe greedily feasting on a fallen deer. They get Kevin to the hospital. While investigating his house, they discover that he’s got a son, Danny, whom he (unintelligibly) ordered them to protect.

Myka and Pete work with Artie to hunt down artifacts that simulate living death as the zombie plague starts to spread. Back at the hospital, Pete and Myka bring in the boy Danny and tell Artie what happened. Danny runs to look at his father and Pete tries to reassure him, but the boy doesn’t say anything. As Pete leads him away to get a candy bar, Artie says that the couple haven’t developed any symptoms but that the police got a call from a frat house reporting someone eating a squirrel.

Pete and Myka arrive on the scene to apprehend the frat zombie and he too ends up going to the hospital. Once there, however, he reanimates and poses an immediate threat. Pete, ravenous as usual, seems to be the latest victim, however it’s Myka who starts feeling cold–a trait the “zombies” all share.

Claudia, meanwhile is fighting against an artifact held in the Warehouse that tells her she will die tonight.

With some extra info from Kevin’s son Danny, Pete manages to piece the mystery together as Myka becomes full on Zombie! It has to do with the tip jar, which the truck’s owner got as a souvenir. Pete manages to get inside the food truck with some remote help from Claudia, who exploits the zombies’ weakness to bright lights by hacking the power grid.

he doesn’t have a static bag handy, so he just smashes the jar, which thankfully sets the zombies free. So what’s the deal with the jar? It’s from the Donner party’s ill-fated journey, and it transmits the experience–cannibalism and all–to those who drop in change. That’s because even the Donners were burying jars like the one at the center of this episode to save up money in case they survived.

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