The first season of ‘Camelot’ is winding down and the finale airs tonight!  It’s hard to believe we’re already through to the end.  So much has transpired!  We’ve watched Arthur’s coronation, Morgan’s deceit, the mysterious ways of Merlin, and the disintegration of Leontas’ and Guinevere’s marriage.  What more is there to come?

Will Arthur’s reputation recover?  Will Morgan finally get what’s coming to her?  Will Merlin ever use his magic?  Honestly, I don’t know. Starz won’t talk.  But if you want to find out, come join me during tonight’s finale of ‘Camelot.’  We’ll chat about it all as it transpires and we can see what the future holds for Arthur and the rest of his friends.

The finale starts tonight at 10 pm EST, but I’ll be on at 9:30.  Find me @ScienceFiction – and don’t forget to use #Camelot hashtag so your tweets are more easily found!