Oh, webcomics. It feels like webcomics have exploded just as much as web series in the past five years. I guess that’s obvious; it’s the web. Everything on the internet is moving ahead at reckless speeds, sometimes without care for quality. Part of me (most of me) grabs onto this access with greedy hands and wants to read all the webcomics on the internet. The other part of me is hesitant to look for new webcomics because good ones are rare in comparison to the number out there. I get in a comfort zone, and it takes arm twisting for me to try out new comics.

The appeal of a webcomic for a creator is like a writer starting a blog. You don’t need anyone’s permission or promotion to put your work in front of the world. You create content and just click to put your words and drawings out there for anyone to see. Why wouldn’t someone do this? You can jump-start projects that are your unconventional babies, and you can build an audience that enjoys your work. And yes, there is always the hope that right someone will notice. As a reader, I appreciate all that. I’ve found a couple of my favorite creators from their webcomics.

That said, I also want creators to be invested in their projects. I’ve found enjoyable webcomics, only to see them disappear in a few months. I don’t get the feeling that half of the creators who start a webcomic seriously think about the commitment it takes to keep a regular schedule. I don’t feel like I can invest in characters if the creator can’t take the time to keep the story moving.

I mostly love webcomics. If you dig around, you’ll find rich stories and even funny gag-a-day type strips. It’s worth looking.