And so it continues… we told you (here) about the ongoing battle between two epic companies concerning the release of their Snow White films.  Well now the battle between Relativity Media and Universal has intensified in their “who will debut their version of Snow White first.”  Deadline recently reported that Relativity has struck back in the ongoing competition of Snow White movies by moving up their release date.

 According to Mike Fleming of Deadline, “Ryan Kavanaugh’s film shingle has pushed up its untitled Snow White project to March 16, 2012, from June 29. This comes days after Universal moved Snow White and the Huntsman up six months to June 1. I’m not sure that Uni can push forward any further. After all, you have to make the movie before you can release it. Relativity’s movie has Tarsem Singh directing Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, while Universal has Rupert Sanders directing Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth. Will both of these pictures actually make it into production under such high stakes? It sure looks that way. The one saving grace is that Universal’s film has a darker Alice in Wonderland tone, while Relativity’s seems to be an unabashed family film.”

Who knew Snow White could cause such a ruckus between these two companies?  We’ll be sure to tell you more as new developments occur.  Stay tuned!