Friday night’s episode of ‘Camelot’ was highly interesting and entertaining.  Arthur finally seems comfortable in his role as king, and the castle is being fully stocked with everything it needs to be elevated into greatness once again.   Here’s what you missed:

Guinevere has a dream of her father and wakes to hear someone knocking at her bedroom door with an urgent message for her.  She finds out that her father is dying and she rushes to be at her side.  She leaves without anyone accompanying her as her husband, the King’s champion, is out putting banners up under Arthur’s command. 

Arthur hears that she’s left with no protection and rushes to meet her.  He finds her at a small village and offers to accompany her; she accepts.  However, their journey is not without incident.  They set up camp on the beach and awaken to find bandits stealing their belongings.  Arthur attacks one of the men, but the other decides to try to force himself on Guinevere.  Throwing sand in his eyes, she retrieves a blade in her boot and stabs her would-be attacker in the leg.  Arthur slays the one man he was fighting, then slays this second one.  A third has their dyed furs in his hands.  The king orders him to release the furs or have his face put in the fire; he does so and runs.

She arrives at her father’s bedside and is informed that it seems as though he’s holding on just to see her.  When she comes in he greets her and says, “I knew you’d come, Alice!”  Her face drops and she says, “No, father…it’s me, Guinevere…”  She begins to tell him a bedtime story that he told her when she was a little girl, and he passes on.

Feeling great sadness over her father’s death, she and Arthur begin their trek back to Camelot.  They set up camp and she asks if he could hold her – nothing else – so she wouldn’t feel so alone.  He does so and they drift off into sleep. 

As they arrive back to Camelot, they stand on a hill overlooking the castle.  She moves in and kisses him. Talk about mixed signals!

While all of this was happening, Merlin, Gawain, Leontas, and Kay are returning to Arthur’s old home to look for some missing books.  Merlin wishes to build a library within the castle and hopes that he can begin by bringing these back.  Unfortunately when they arrive they find that the house has been looted.   Everything seems to have been taken, including the books.  Merlin is beside himself. 

But all is not lost!  Kay has a special vision where his father actually shows him where the books are hiding.  They’re in the basement!  He goes down there and finds them, thus beginning their journey home. 

This journey was pivotal because the men learn that magic is like a drug, and Merlin becomes addicted to it.  Leontas refers to Merlin as an angel, something he admits he’d never been called before but enjoys hearing, nonetheless.

But what about Morgan?  She’s been busy herself.  Back at the castle, she holds open court and passes judgment while the nun and Vivian look on.  A mysterious woman enters the castle and demands to see Morgan.  Arthur’s sister emerges from her quarters and asks this woman what she wants.  It seems to be that this woman’s daughter was killed in the fire that occurred at the nunnery where the nun lived.  She tried to enter the building to save her daughter and her face was ravaged by the flames.  And to make things even more dramatic, the woman also claims that Cybil started the fire on purpose!

The court is aghast.  Morgan holds a trial and questions the nun.  Her friend tells her that yes, she did start the fire to destroy the evidence of a ritual that the priests couldn’t see or know about.  But it raged out of control and the death of the woman’s daughter was strictly an accident. As punishment, Morgan takes the nun’s hand and holds it in an open fire.  As she screams and writhes in pain, Lady Morgan tells the woman that punishment has been doled out; if she’s unhappy with the results she can face the guards.  The woman storms out, disappointed that the nun wasn’t killed in exchange for her daughter’s life.

What did you think about this week’s episode of ‘Camelot?’