The war rages on in Emerald Warriors #8! Returning from the Unknown Sector, Green Lanterns Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia not only feel the effects of Parallax’s return to the Central Power Battery, but have to deal with a contingent of Lantern’s under Parallax’s control (including poor Arisia).

The wayward Lantern’s minds are fully under Krona’s control and he has them all returning to OA, but to what ends? While Guy and Hal are having it out at the Greenhouse, Kilowog is left to follow the Lanterns to keep a watchful eye, even if it means his capture.

So, of approximately 3200 Green Lanterns under enemy control, we only know 6 whom have free will. The New Guardians have been sucked into the Book of the Black and the Guardians of the Universe have all been infected by the Entities who power the emotional spectrum. This can’t be good.

So with the sh*t hitting the fan, what do Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner find time to do? Well they meet up at the Greenhouse, a frozen planet chosen as a rally point for the Earth-born Green Lanterns to serve as a place to meet and regroup in the face of any crisis. Of course, if you read Part 2 of the War of the Green Lanterns you know John Stewart and Kyle Rayner will not be joining their fellow Lanterns.

I have to be honest, I have been waiting to see Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner fight it out for quite some time. Even though it took the influence of Parallax to bring their mutual resentment of each other to the surface, this was a long time coming. So they argued, traded barbs and when Guy asked Hal to take his ring off Hal did the only thing he could do… he slugged Guy (and be honest you all have wanted to slug Guy Gardner square in the face for decades). It is a good thing Emerald Warriors #8 is Guy Gardner’s book, because if this fight happened over in the pages of Green Lantern (or even Green Lantern Corps) I don’t think Guy would have been shown the respect or love to hold his own and in this instance even get a leg up on Hal Jordan.

Watching them fight while “strapped” is one thing, but knowing the history of these two characters of course, once they had their rings off, they didn’t stop throwing punches right away. Once the rings were off and they we able to start talking cooler heads prevailed, but there is a problem. The greatest Green Lantern and the Greatest Green Lantern-in-His-Own-Mind are stuck on a frozen planet with no way off. Oh, and all they have to do is help save the Green Lantern Corps… a minor detail. Make sure to check out Green Lantern #65 for the continuation of the War of the Green Lanterns, it’s gonna be a wild ride!