Not much can be more exciting for comic fans than having one of your favorites turned into a series for Showtime.  But this is the case for ‘Chew,’ a peculiar half-hour cop show based on John Layman and Rob Guillory’s bestselling comic book of the same name.  Stephen Hopkins has been chosen to direct and executive produce the series.  He is from Circle of Confusion, the company behind AMC’s hit series adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead.’

Apparently Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer (‘Eureka’) were the writers behind the ‘Chew’ script, which will currently be adjusted as necessary under Showtime’s watchful eye. ‘Chew’ is a dark humored comic that portrays the story of federal agent Tony Chu, a “cibopath” (a person with the ability to receive psychic impressions from the things he eats) who is assigned to the most usual and bizarre crimes. Quite an unusual story, and apparently Layman agrees.  “There are a lot of superhero comic books, but there are not many food comic books,” John Layman was quoted as saying last summer.

Terri Burton, Ron Milbauer, David Engel and Circle of Confusion are also executive producing ‘Chew’ along with Hopkins, with Hopkins’ producing partner Kate Garwood expected to also produce in some capacity. Hopkins has a longstanding history with Showtime, as he directed the pilot for the network’s dark comedy series ‘Californication,’ recently was in charge of leading an episode of freshman drama ‘Shameless,’ and also Showtime’s ‘House of Lies.’

But ‘The Walking Dead’ wasn’t the only series from Circle of Confusion that’s been renewed for another season.  Circle of Confusion is executive producing ‘Powers,’ another comic book adapation based on the comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming.  It was recently picked up by FX with Charles H. Eglee adapted the comic book for Sony TV and FX, and Michael Dinner as director.