Japan has a long way to go in their recovery efforts after the devastation they endured over a week ago.  Thankfully, countless companies and people have been donating their time and money to lessen the suffering of the Japanese people, and now Square Enix has decided to do the same.

Square Enix Group announced that, following Tohoku Pacific earthquakes and tsunamis, the company will generously donate 100 million Japanese yen to help relief and recovery efforts in the affected regions. Additionally, they will also collect charity donations from employees worldwide for the disaster relief fund.

The Group also plans to host several support programs through select Square Enix online services and the amusement facilities that TAITO operates across Japan.

If you’re a Final Fantasy player, Square Enix is also in the process of allowing players to donate via Crysta, the currency used in the game. If players have unused Crysta in their accounts, they will be able to donate it which will then be converted into money.

A representative from Square Enix said in their press release, “We send our deepest sympathy and prayers to the victims, and for those injured we sincerely hope for their full and earliest recovery.” 

Both donations will be sent for the relief and recovery efforts in the affected regions through the Japan earthquake and tsunami fundraising campaign launched by The Japanese Red Cross Society and through support programs offered via services and amusement facilities of the Square Enix Group.