If you are a fan of celebrity geek Felecia Day’s web series ‘The Guild’ you know Tinkbella, or Tink as she often referred, is the groups resident angry Ranger class member of The Knights of Good. Tink is a pre-med student, and distances herself from the guild, trying not to let them know anything about her personal life. In this One-Shot issue we get to see just how far she will go to keep her fellow “Guild-ies” scrambling to know what is real and what is fiction when it comes to her offline world.

This issue takes place before the web series, all the way back to before they were all brought together offline. After I finished reading the issue I hit up Nexflix Instant Watch for a repeat viewing of the Guild’s first season to see how this crew of gamer/misfits were thrown into each other’s offline lives.

In this issue we get a look at what Tink has told the Knights of Good about her origins and how each story drastically contradicts the next. Day borrows heavily from classic literature, Japanese anime and video games.

So who is Tink? Well according to the guild mage Clara she lived some sort of Jane Eyre and Hunchback of Notre Dame crossover life where she had to escape the very handsome and very crazy father of the kids she was nannying. Lie. Tink told Knights of Good leader (and resident cheapskate) Vork she was a member of the United States Army borrowing liberally from several military genre films (including Top Gun). Lie. Codex (Day’s character) was told a tale of a girl orphaned by the Asian Triad, stealing story lines from Street Fighter to Cinderella (with some Metroid thrown in). Lie. Finally, she told the Rogue Bladezz she was a cross of Sailor Moon and Buffy with magical lady parts. Lie.

I know what you are thinking, where is the Warlock Zaboo’s story? He didn’t get a Tink origin story, but in this issue the rest of the group are sharing what they have been told. Of course leave it to super stalker Zaboo to find Tink’s real picture and I’m assuming her real life story, which by the way is  pre-med college student (and she is just as angry offline with her non-guildmates as she is online).

As a fan of the web series I was excited to read this story, and I am happy to say it lived up to my expectations. Of course with Felecia Day at the helm it was able to hold the same voice and tone of the original source material. There were quite a few artists working on this story, a different artist for each story in fact, and they all did a great job. The book looks great.

If you are a fan of The Guild, check this book out. If you are not familiar with The Guild check this book out, but not until after you have hit the web and watched at least the first season. The Guild : Tink one-shot is quite an issue, it’s a good read with plenty of  great pop culture references helping build upon the history of the most mysterious member of the Knights of Good.