• David Ramsey Speaks: Is Diggle on ‘Arrow’ Really John Stewart/Green Lantern?

    Posted Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 10:01 am GMT -4

    During the penultimate episodes before the midseason haitus of ‘The Flash’ (‘The Flash Vs. Arrow’) and ‘Arrow’ (‘The Brave and the Bold’), the two titular heroes played by Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell squared off against a foe whose power was to instill rage in his victims.  The physical manifestation of this power was his eyes […]

  • ‘Arrow’ Star “Outraged” By WWE Legend’s New Moniker

    Posted Monday, February 9th, 2015 06:00 pm GMT -4

    Professional wrestlers have always been considered by some people to be real life superheroes. With their larger than life personalities, brightly colored costumes, and tremendous feats of strength – it’s not really a farfetched idea to buy into. And fans come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. But recently a certain fan […]

  • TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead: What’s Happened and What’s Going On’ (or ‘It’s Better Now’)

    Posted Monday, February 9th, 2015 03:00 pm GMT -4

    It’s hard to know where to begin. Rick and Co. have been through a lot this season. They lost Beth, a shining beacon of hope in a world gone mad, in the midseason finale. This week they lose another. Hold onto your butts as we take a look back at one of the best episodes […]

  • NBC May Move ‘Constantine’ To Syfy To Save The Hellblazer

    Posted Monday, February 9th, 2015 11:00 am GMT -4

    Last week NBC released an announcement of a few shows that would be returning for another season. While genre favorite ‘Grimm’ was on that list, one jarring exclusion was the show ‘Constantine’ giving the impression that the network executives from hell might have given it the ax. But a new rumor has cropped up that […]

  • “Psychic Orgies” and “Live Births” In ‘Sense8′? According To The Wachowskis There Will Be!

    Posted Monday, February 9th, 2015 10:00 am GMT -4

    The Wachowskis want to kick it up a notch in their Netflix series ‘Sense8‘ and plan to do so by delivering “psychic orgies” and “live births”!  While an orgy was hinted at in the rave scenes that were shown during ‘The Matrix’ trilogy, this could be a first for Netflix and an interesting new direction […]

  • Toy Review: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Minimates Box Set 2

    Posted Sunday, February 8th, 2015 07:09 pm GMT -4

    It’s taken eight seasons, but the hit comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has finally done it! It’s broken through into the one realm of pop-culture media that most franchises strive for (or at least we like the think it is); They’ve become Minimates! While I’m sure you’ve already seen our fantastic review of The Big […]

  • Luke Mitchell Gets A Little Inhuman On ‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

    Posted Sunday, February 8th, 2015 03:00 pm GMT -4

    We have another new face on the cast of ‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ as Luke Mitchell (‘The Tomorrow People,’ ‘Home and Away’) has joined the cast! While we don’t know a lot about his role quite yet, we do know that Mitchell will be playing one of the Inhumans that are going to be popping […]

  • Toy Review: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Minimates Box Set 1

    Posted Sunday, February 8th, 2015 01:00 pm GMT -4

    When ‘The Big Bang Theory’ first premiered way back in 2007, I don’t think that anyone suspected it would become the massive success story that it’s become today. The series has won numerous awards and has been able to maintain high ratings throughout the length of it’s series run so far, which is why it […]

  • TV Recap: ‘Constantine: Angels and Ministers of Grace’

    Posted Saturday, February 7th, 2015 07:47 pm GMT -4

    Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Fed up with Manny’s pledge of non-interference, John Constantine, full of piss, vinegar and more than a little arrogance, decides to force the angel’s hand and pull him into the mortal coil as they find breadcrumbs leading them onto the trail of the Black Diamond. Pulling up […]

  • TV Recap: ‘Grimm: Marechaussee’

    Posted Saturday, February 7th, 2015 03:37 pm GMT -4

    “Everyone sees what you Appear to be, few experience What you really are.” Portland’s a hotbed of happenings in this week’s Grimm as a particularly nasty bounty hunter, Adalind, Viktor, and Monrosalee come to town while Juliette’s still searching for answers to her current hexen biest status. A poor woman is unknowingly swindled by two […]

  • Is ‘Legend of Zelda’ Coming To Life On Netflix?

    Posted Saturday, February 7th, 2015 09:00 am GMT -4

    If you ask almost anyone who has ever played a game in the ‘Legend of Zelda‘ franchise, and they’ll tell you that it is one of the greatest video game series of all time. ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is arguably the best game series of all time, and that’s why the recent rumors making their […]

  • ‘Daredevil’ Showrunner Steven DeKnight Discusses Costume, Religion, And More

    Posted Friday, February 6th, 2015 05:00 pm GMT -4

    After a brief teaser was released earlier this week, True Believers were able to lay their eyes on the first trailer for Marvel Studios and Netflix’s ‘Daredevil.’ Debuting in April, the Man Without Fear will star in the first of five series on the popular streaming service featuring the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And […]

  • Will We Finally Find Out How The Sixth Doctor Regenerates?

    Posted Friday, February 6th, 2015 12:00 pm GMT -4

    For those of you who have seen Colin Baker at a convention, you’ve probably heard the “But I’ve never regenerated” story. His joking logic is that since his regeneration was simply just Sylvester McCoy in a very bad, curly blonde wig, he’s the  one and only true Doctor. The death of the Sixth Doctor has […]

  • The First Set Photos Of Krysten Ritter On Set For ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones’

    Posted Friday, February 6th, 2015 10:00 am GMT -4

    Now that ‘Daredevil‘ has a trailer, it is time to take a look at Marvel’s second Netflix show ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones‘! With principal photography having just started for the series in New York, we’ve got a couple shots of Krysten Ritter, our future Jessica Jones, on set! As we’re seeing early shots here, there is […]

  • This Featurette For ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Catch You Up Before The Mid-Season Premiere

    Posted Friday, February 6th, 2015 09:00 am GMT -4

    Coming back to the second half of the fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ might mean a few people may need to catch up on the series and today’s featurette will help you to do just that! This is especially true if you’ve already watched the first two minutes of the next episode and were […]