• ‘Power Rangers” Dacre Montgomery Joins ‘Stranger Things’ For Season Two

    Posted Monday, October 17th, 2016 10:00 am GMT -5

    Australian actor Dacre Montgomery has joined the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ for its upcoming second season on Netflix.  The first season became the breakout hit of the summer instantly creating a huge fan following. Montgomery made the announcement via Instagram: Honoured to announce that I will be joining the cast and crew on the second […]

  • NYCC 2016: Matt Ryan “Feels Good” About Coming Back As Constantine In ‘Justice League Dark’

    Posted Monday, October 17th, 2016 09:00 am GMT -5

    With hit after hit coming from Warner Brothers Animation’s DC Animated Universe direct-to-video film series, it only seemed it would be a matter of time before things started to go dark. ‘Justice League Dark’ of course! That’s right, the team at Warner Brothers Animation are bringing a whole new life to DC Comics ‘Justice League […]

  • NYCC 2016: Bandai Go! Go!’s With New Power Rangers Legacy

    Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2016 08:00 pm GMT -5

    Two decades ago, the world was changed forever as the U.S. was invaded by an unstoppable force known as the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’. The Power Rangers were a rambunctious team of teenagers with attitude that were here to stop the forces of evil from conquering planet earth! It’s been over twenty years since they […]

  • NYCC 2016: The Tick Is Back In Action!

    Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2016 03:00 pm GMT -5

    After many years of absence from the mainstream popular culture, The Tick is back and better than ever! This year saw the launch of a brand new pilot episode for a live action series based on ‘The Tick’ through Amazon’s ‘Pilot Season’! After it’s arrival the pilot episode was so well received that Amazon has […]

  • NYCC 2016: John C. McGinley Takes A Stand In ‘Stan Against Evil’

    Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2016 12:00 pm GMT -5

    When the forces of evil threaten a small town, it’s up to the former sheriff Stan Miller to save the day! John C. McGinley (‘Scrubs’) stars are Stan in the new horror-comedy ‘Stand Against Evil’ that is coming to IFC this fall from writer-producer Dana Gould (‘The Simpsons’)! Stan finds himself teamed up with the […]

  • NYCC 2016: The Fandom Fantasy Food Truck

    Posted Saturday, October 15th, 2016 09:00 am GMT -5

    How often have you watched your favorite movie or television series, only to see them chowing down on some of the most delicious looking food that only seems to exist in their world? Somehow, animated food always just looks way better than most foods we see in real life, leaving us with only our imagination […]

  • NYCC 2016: Marvel Comics Announces Solo Series For Miss America Chavez

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 09:00 pm GMT -5

    Over the past few years, one of the most popular panels at any convention has been the Women of Marvel panel. At this year’s New York Comic Con, it was definitely no different as the room was packed with True Believers that were excited to hear the latest news regarding the ladies of the House […]

  • Batman Is Keeping This UK City Safe From Creepy Clowns

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 08:00 pm GMT -5

    There has been a slew of incidents where people have been dressed up as clowns this year across the globe and in Whitehaven there is now a Caped Crusader who is dealing with this public menace. Children in this UK Community have been having problems sleeping due to nightmares over the clown phenomenon so the […]

  • Universal’s ‘The Wolfman’ Howled For A New Writer And Got Dave Callaham

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 07:00 pm GMT -5

    All of the Universal Monster movies are going to be part of a group writing project and while the first draft of the script for ‘The Wolfman‘ was tackled by Aaron Guzikowski (‘Prisoners’), the studio has just tapped Dave Callaham (‘The Expendables’) to rewrite the script. While Alex Kurtzman (‘Transformers’) and Chris Morgan (‘Fast & […]

  • NYCC 2016: WWE And BOOM! Studios Tag Team For New Comics

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 06:00 pm GMT -5

    While many people may not realize it initially, professional wrestling has had a number of connections to the realm of comic books for many years. Aside from wrestlers like Batista, Edge, and Cody Rhodes appearing in comic book movies and TV shows (and the Green Arrow appearing on WWE programming), there have actually been a […]

  • Book Review: ‘The Ferryman Institute’ By Colin Gigl

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 05:30 pm GMT -5

    ‘The Ferryman Institute’ is the debut novel by Colin Gigl though you wouldn’t expect that once you crack open the first page. In its pages, we explore the world of the Ferrymen, those who are tasked with guiding people who have lost their lives onto their journey to the afterlife. Specifically, we’re following Charlie Dawson […]

  • She’s Just Bein’ Miley: Miley Cyrus Disses ‘Supergirl’… And The Producers Respond

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 05:05 pm GMT -5

    In the pilot episode of ‘Supergirl’, Cat Grant made a point of saying there was nothing wrong with being a GIRL (vs. a woman), but one person disagrees: Miley Cyrus.  I never took Miley for a comic fan… and looks like I was right.  She recently took a “Wrecking Ball” to ‘Supergirl,’ the hit show […]

  • I Want My ‘War Of The Worlds’ On… MTV?!

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 04:05 pm GMT -5

    MTV is really getting on the genre kick as they’ve just announced that they will be doing an ongoing series of ‘War of the Worlds.’ This comes not even a week after MTV has picked up Dark Horse’s ‘Freaks of the Heartland‘ which further makes me think that the M in MTV now stands for […]

  • ScienceFiction.com Wants YOU To See ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ In Philly Next Week!

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 02:06 pm GMT -5

    Halloween is just around the corner and the best way to get into the holiday spirit is with a little scare. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started to break out some of your favorite horror movies to watch while you diligently work on your costume for this year’s festivities. But how about taking […]

  • Can’t Get Enough Of ‘The Walking Dead’? AMC Is Hosting A Marathon Leading Up To The New Season!

    Posted Friday, October 14th, 2016 01:00 pm GMT -5

    Starting this weekend, AMC is leading up to the new season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ with an 88-hour marathon! This 19-day fest of all things walker related will include the 83 initial episodes of the series, the 2-hour retrospective special titled ‘The Walking Dead: Journey So Far‘, and the Season 7 premiere! It will be […]