• ‘Stranger Things’ Is Happening! Netflix 80s Thriller Breezes Past ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’ In Popularity

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 02:00 pm GMT -4

    ‘Stranger Things’ have has happened!  Netflix new 80s-set thriller series has come out of nowhere to become one of the hottest shows on the streaming service– more popular than hits like ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘House of Cards’.  Netflix reports that over 8.2 million viewers flocked to ‘Stranger Things’ in its first 16 days.  It […]

  • ‘American Horror Story’ Releases More Season 6 Cryptic Teasers

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 02:00 pm GMT -4

    Through co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, fans of FX’s hit show ‘American Horror Story’ have learned very well by know that answers don’t come easy.  Through each of the show’s first five seasons, the theme, setting, and style of storytelling have been different, giving each season a “miniseries” vibe and truly earning the show […]

  • Fantastic Spots: Warner Bros Releases New Trailer for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ During Olympics This Past Weekend

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 01:00 pm GMT -4

    This past weekend during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics on Saturday, viewers were treated to a brand new trailer for Warner Bros’ ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ thus continuing the ad campaign for the new film coming out this November. The trailer itself, while containing a lot of the same footage from earlier […]

  • McG Offers The Latest Updates On ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Including Those Kellan Lutz Rumors

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 12:00 pm GMT -4

    McG is just the latest in a seemingly endless line of directors attempting to kickstart the decades-in-development ‘Masters of the Universe’ movie.  The film has been in development hell for ages and run through a litany of script treatments.  Could this film actually become a reality? McG offered a positive update, saying: “It’s a very […]

  • Weekend Box Office (08/12-08-14): ‘Sausage Party’ Takes A Bite Out Of ‘Suicide Squad’

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 11:00 am GMT -4

    ‘Suicide Squad’ still won the weekend, but saw a perilous 67% drop off from its opening weekend.  (For comparison, the much more hated ‘Batman V Superman‘ dropped 69% in its second week.)  Taking in $43.8 million, it looks like the terrible reviews and meh word-of-mouth have severely deflated this film, which many were hoping would […]

  • RUMOR ALERT: Who May Be Playing Cable And Domino In ‘Deadpool 2′?

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 10:00 am GMT -4

    Fans already know that ‘Deadpool 2′ will include the characters Cable and Domino from Marvel’s long-running ‘X-Force’ franchise, which has also served as a home for Deadpool himself at times. ‘Deadpool’ was such a rousing smash that a sequel was a no-brainer and is due to begin filming early next year.  So who might be […]

  • Patty Jenkins Deflects Charges From Former WB Employee That ‘Wonder Woman’ Is A Mess

    Posted Monday, August 15th, 2016 09:00 am GMT -4

    Don’t declare war on the Goddess of War… or her director!  Last week, a purported disgruntled ex-employee penned an open letter to Warner Brothers’ chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara, trashing their latest blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’ and offering a troubling insight into next year’s highly-anticipated ‘Wonder Woman’. What are you even doing? I wish to God you […]

  • Ezra Miller Aims To Make His Flash “Extremely Fun” On A “Uniquely Human Level”

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 09:00 pm GMT -4

    While already firmly established as a core member of The Justice League via his short-but-sweet cameos in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Suicide Squad,’ audiences haven’t seen much of Ezra Miller as The Flash just quite yet.  As a result, he’s a bit of an unknown element to the DC Extended Universe, and […]

  • Parminder Nagra Joins ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ As Anti-Inhuman Politician

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 08:00 pm GMT -4

    The cast of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ has dealt with their fair share of threats over the course of three seasons. From aliens to cyborgs to metahumans to their very own teammates, the heroes of this corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have survived through a whole lot. But when Agent Phil Coulson and his team […]

  • A New ‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Shows Off Another Potential Monster

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 07:00 pm GMT -4

    ‘American Horror Story‘ has been busy showing off quite a few new teasers for the upcoming season and the latest has another brand new creature to try and scare us with. Now, those who have been following word on the series know that we won’t know the actual plot of the upcoming season until it […]

  • Here’s How The ‘Aquaman’ Film Will Address Underwater Speech

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 05:56 pm GMT -4

    James Wan is gearing up to direct DC’s ‘Aquaman’ solo film, due out in theaters in 2019, if DC’s current plan continues as scheduled.  Wan, best known to fans as a horror-movie director behind such recent hits as ‘Saw,’ ‘Insidious,’ and ‘The Conjuring,’ has been gearing up for his superhero action and fielding a lot […]

  • ‘The Flash’ Teases Major Villains For Flashpoint And Beyond

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 04:35 pm GMT -4

    The CW has certainly been busy during their time at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, especially when it comes to their slate of shows based on the characters of DC Comics. Major announcements have been made regarding ‘Supergirl’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, but now it’s time for an update from the Fastest […]

  • Quake & Ghost Rider Clash In ’Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Set Videos

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 03:00 pm GMT -4

    When it was announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con that Ghost Rider would be joining the ranks of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ for the fourth season, True Believers were anxious to see the Spirit of Vengeance arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to mix it up with Agent Phil Coulson and the rest of […]

  • ‘Supergirl’, ‘Arrow’, & ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Add New Cast Members

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 02:00 pm GMT -4

    Now that they have added ‘Supergirl’ to their weekly programming, The CW is the place to find all your favorite live-action DC Comics superheroes on television. But the Girl of Steel won’t only be joined by the titular protagonists of ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on that channel. The network has recently announced […]

  • First Look At The Mad Hatter From ’Gotham’ Season Three

    Posted Friday, August 12th, 2016 12:00 pm GMT -4

    Last month, ‘Gotham’ announced that Benedict Samuel would be joining the cast of the Batman prequel series as a regular cast member for their third season on FOX. The Australian actor is best known for his run on ‘The Walking Dead’ as the Wolf named Owen who spent a good amount of time with Carol, […]