• New Details Emerge About Brad Bird & Damon Lindelof’s ‘Tomorrowland’

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 09:00 pm GMT -4

    When it was first announced that ‘The Iron Giant’ and ‘The Incredibles’ director Brad Bird would be teaming with ‘Lost’ co-creator and ‘Prometheus’ co-writer Damon Lindelof, the project was shrouded in much mystery. At first, it was known as ‘1952’ and was speculated to involve aliens, as well as the random contents of a box […]

  • Is ‘Dexter’ Preparing His Final Blood Slide?

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 08:07 pm GMT -4

    Dexter’s seventh season ended up having the highest ratings that the show has had to date. On top of that, with the many plot lines they are currently juggling, it almost seems that the prospect of the show coming to a close just wouldn’t be the case for Season 8. On the flipside, exactly how […]

  • Joss Whedon Smashes ‘Planet Hulk’ Rumors

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 07:12 pm GMT -4

    Early last month, rumors started to fly around regarding the future of The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Latino Review reported that ‘The Avengers 2’ would lead to a solo film for Bruce Banner’s Jade Giant featuring the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline, which would ultimately lead to ‘World War Hulk’ in ‘The Avengers 3’. […]

  • ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Talks Season 3 & 4 At Paleyfest

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 06:00 pm GMT -4

    Every year, The Paley Center for Media presents a series of panels in order to shine the spotlight on some of the year’s best TV shows. This series is known as Paleyfest and for the past few years, AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ has taken the stage to much fanfare. This year was no different as […]

  • Being Human Recap-Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 05:00 pm GMT -4

    As far as names go, this week’s Being Human has been graced with an apt title. “Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland” focuses on the three original cast members and how they deal with the most unfortunate and OMG circumstances they’ve been presented with since the show’s inception. It’s a lighthearted beginning as Aidan and Josh chat […]

  • Sam Raimi Developing ‘Evil Dead 4’… Maybe…

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 04:10 pm GMT -4

    This weekend is HUGE for Sam Raimi. Not only is his new movie from Disney, ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ hitting theaters, but also the reboot for ‘Evil Dead’ is premiering at South By Southwest, which starts on Friday in Austin, Texas. With so much going on for the director right now, it’s no surprise […]

  • ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Shows the True Danger of Taking a Cab in New York

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 03:09 pm GMT -4

    While we won’t be seeing the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ in theaters until May 2nd of 2014 in the US and April 18th for our UK readers we CAN start seeing a ton of the behind the scene photos coming up. First from Marc Webb’s Twitter as shown above we have a shot of what happens […]

  • The ‘Revolution’ Is Coming And It Won’t Keep Us Guessing!

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 02:34 pm GMT -4

    For me ‘Revolution’ is a guilty pleasure show. I want to hate it because they have the entire cast looking like they were freshly showered in a post-apocalyptic environment and there’s enough teen angst showing up to make anyone sick. However, I can’t help but watch every episode that comes out because the overall story […]

  • ‘Doctor Who’: The Long Suffering Vislor Turlough

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 01:35 pm GMT -4

    My favorite companion in the history of Doctor Who is Vislor Turlough, despite his penchant for what can only be described as moral turpitude. Perhaps that’s why he is my favorite. He’s different from the other companions, and therefore a little more interesting. Of course, he is different from the other companions in a great […]

  • Brand New ‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer Brings New Footage, New Action and More!

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 12:27 pm GMT -4

    We’re only 2 months away from the release of ‘Iron Man 3’ and Disney has released a brand new full length trailer for the film. To say that I’m excited about his film is only the tip of the iceberg. The studio has been releasing character posters the past few weeks but it’s nothing compared […]

  • What’s On Comic Book Stands – March 6th

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 12:00 pm GMT -4

    Here is the list of new comics, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 3/6/2013. As always, check with your retailer for availability, as not all releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time. After a bizarre family reunion, Hellboy can barely process the new information, and the things he’s done, since […]

  • Marvel Superheroes Coming To Disney Theme Park

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 11:13 am GMT -4

    Before The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in an attempt to gain an upper hand in the young boys demographic, they acquired Marvel for the exact same reason. While many joked about it back then, the comic book juggernaut became even more of a success under the House of Mouse. There were often serious talks about […]

  • SNL Spoof on ‘The Walking Dead’

    Posted Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    SNL is known for poking fun at all things culturally important so they made no exception when they came out with a parody skit on ‘The Walking Dead’. Its nice to take source material that can often times be very serious and poke a little fun at it. I mean, where would we be without ‘Shaun of […]

  • ‘The Walking Dead: Clear’ – Recap

    Posted Monday, March 4th, 2013 09:00 pm GMT -4

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but watching last night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ was like Christmas came early! By far the best episode of the season (in my opinion anyway) and if you missed it last night, hopefully this recap will entice you to give your eyes a very nice treat. […]

  • Halle Berry Confirmed For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

    Posted Monday, March 4th, 2013 08:00 pm GMT -4

    Hot on the tail of the news that Omar Sy of ‘The Intouchables’ has joined the cast of Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, we’ve received word that another star has joined the time-traveling tale, indicating that winds of change are on the horizon. After a long “Will they? Won’t they?” ordeal, Halle Berry […]