• What’s On Comic Book Stands – May 7th

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 07:00 pm GMT -5

    Here is the list of new comics, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 5/7/2014. As always, check with your retailer for availability, as not all releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time. Here is what’s on my pull-list this week. The surviving members of the Victories are at a standoff […]

  • Check Out The Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Original Sin’

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 06:00 pm GMT -5

    Marvel has an interesting new Earth turned cosmic event on the horizon in ‘Original Sin’ and it actually sounds like it could mostly be a fun read. When I first heard about the idea of the Watcher being killed, I thought it wasn’t the best of ideas. When I heard that “secrets would be revealed”, […]

  • Toy News Tuesday: We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Bricks

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 05:00 pm GMT -5

    Hello there toy-fans, and welcome to yet another all new weekly edition of your favorite (and only) toy news column here at ScienceFiction.com! For those of you that are new here (again, welcome!), Toy News Tuesday is a weekly column where our very own toy-obsessed writer Jordan DesJardins keeps you updated on all the awesome […]

  • Will We See Norman Osborn After ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’?

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 04:00 pm GMT -5

      **This article contains SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ yet, then you should wait until after you see it to read this.** With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ finally swinging into theaters this past weekend, there has been a whirlwind of mixed reviews from fans and critics who loved and hated the superhero […]

  • 23 New Character Art From ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 02:59 pm GMT -5

    If the post credit clip from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ was not enough, 20th Century Fox debuted 23 new international character art images for the film and ScienceFiction.com has them here for you! The film is based on the 1980 comic arc by written by Chris Claremont, John Byrne with art by Terry Austin. Those familiar […]

  • Check Out The Latest Trailer For Philip K. Dick’s ‘Radio Free Albemuth’

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 01:49 pm GMT -5

    If you’ve been wondering how ‘Radio Free Albemuth’ would look as a film you may wonder no further! John Alan Simon might be new to both directing and writing but he is taking on a big project to start off with as he adapts Philip K. Dick‘s novel ‘Radio Free Albemuth’ for the big screen. […]

  • Who Will Be The Villain Of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3′? Marc Webb Hunts… Er Hints

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 01:00 pm GMT -5

      If you Shazamed the closing credits of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ you unlocked a sequence hinting at the members of the ‘Sinister Six‘ who will star in their own film after ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3′. As you can see, this image mirrors the lion’s face design on Kraven’s vest.  In the comics, Kraven is […]

  • Marvel Superheroes Joining ‘Disney Infinity’

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 11:00 am GMT -5

    Last year, Avalanche Software released ‘Disney Infinity’, an open-world video game that brings some of Disney and Pixar’s most popular characters together as toys to fill your virtual and physical toy box. At the time, there was certainly some talk about some of Disney’s other properties such as ‘Star Wars‘ and Marvel being added at […]

  • Stephen King’s ‘Bad Little Kid’ Has Been Options For The Big Screen

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 10:00 am GMT -5

    Stephen King seems to have had more book to film adaptations than any other author on the planet and now he has another one in the works. This time we have another titled ‘Bad Little Kid’ which is being adapted into a film. The short story has been optioned to be turned into a feature […]

  • The First ‘Gotham’ Trailer is Here! Watch It Now!

    Posted Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 09:00 am GMT -5

    Fox’s ‘Gotham‘ sound like a stretch.  Based on the Batman universe… except minus Batman, the series was announced as centering on the future Commissioner James Gordon, as a rookie cop working his way up the food chain.  It was simultaneously stated that Gotham’s colorful villains would play a role… but wait?!  Without Batman?  What happens […]

  • Chewbacca Photo Bombs Disney’s CEO Bob Iger

    Posted Monday, May 5th, 2014 09:00 pm GMT -5

    Never let it be said that Wookies have no sense of humor. Bob Iger, the current chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company is not immune to vicious, unwarranted attacks anymore than the rest of us. It seems no one is safe from malicious photo bombers, as seen in this selfie taken by Iger.  This image […]

  • Battlestar’s Tricia Helfer Starring In New Syfy Space Drama!

    Posted Monday, May 5th, 2014 08:09 pm GMT -5

    Syfy has announced that Tricia Helfer will star in the channel’s new original, six hour event series ‘Ascension!’ You may recognize Helfer from Syfy’s brilliant re-imagining of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ as the Cylon “Number 6.” An amazing role and she blew me away. Uncommonly beautiful, she had a frightening unpredictability that fascinated me every time she appeared onscreen. […]

  • ‘Halo’ TV Series Coming To Showtime And Xbox One!

    Posted Monday, May 5th, 2014 07:22 pm GMT -5

    ‘Halo’ fans have been longing for a series or film for quite some time now. When I heard about the possibility of a Peter Jackson directed feature I was excited, but that fell flat. Now Steven Spielberg is producing his own ‘Halo’ series which will be produced for Microsoft’s Xbox One next-gen console. Neill Blomkamp (Elysium) may or […]

  • ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ X-Men Post-Credit Clip Released Online

    Posted Monday, May 5th, 2014 07:00 pm GMT -5

    Marvel movies have become known for their post-credits scenes that add a little something to the film that you just saw and tease what’s coming next. Even the non-Marvel Studios productions have gotten in on the action and if you saw ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ this past weekend, then you got a couple of Easter […]

  • Legendary Reveals Five New Video Clips From ‘Godzilla’

    Posted Monday, May 5th, 2014 06:00 pm GMT -5

    Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla‘ storms back into theaters on May 15th, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabth Olsen and Ken Wantanabe.  Fans are crossing their fingers that the new film properly services the cult classic films and avoids the same pitfalls that spoiled the 1998 Roland Emmerich version, which essentially boiled down to a ‘Jurassic Park‘ […]