• Comic Book Review: ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #7

    Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2013 03:50 pm GMT -4 by

    Kang the Conqueror’s latest scheme continues to unfold in the pages of Uncanny Avengers. After taking a break from the present day in the last issue to show the epic magnitude of this plan, we finally catch up with the Avengers Unity Squad to see the consequences of their first press conference. In issue number [...]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘Fantastic Four’ #7

    Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2013 01:50 pm GMT -4 by

    The last issue the Fantastic Four had brought the kids back to beginning of time as we know it to observe the big bang. Clearly this is a safe idea and even more safe when they find a floating object out in the reaches of space which just happens to be Blastaar. A Blastaar in [...]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #5

    Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2013 01:30 pm GMT -4 by

    We seem to be going through some focus issues right now in the current story line of Uncanny X-Men. Last issue the focus was primarily on Emma and how she’s lost the majority of her control over her powers. It’s still truly fascinating to see how they’ve made her such a more dynamic character compared [...]

  • Touch: Accused Recap

    Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2013 12:30 pm GMT -4 by

    This week’s episode of Touch is brought to us by the number 3021. I have a lot of trouble watching this with interest, knowing that after the next two episodes Touch is 90% sure not to return and I’m fairly certain they will not actually end this show on anything but a cliffhanger. However, I’ve [...]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘New Avengers’ #5

    Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2013 11:30 am GMT -4 by

    The Illuminati are in a world of trouble. In fact, they’re in two worlds of trouble! Not only are they working to save their own world, but Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor, Beast, and Doctor Strange are attempting to save the one that’s on course to collide with theirs. Up to [...]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘Avengers’ #10

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 05:00 pm GMT -4 by

    Canada strikes back! In the latest issue of Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Avengers’, Captain America takes a team to investigate the damage that Ex Nihilo inflicted onto planet Earth in an attempt to rebuild it. Before we get into this issue, in the last issue, when Starbrand and Nightmask uncover the plans of Ex Nihilo, they ventured [...]

  • Comic Book Review – Superman #19

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 04:00 pm GMT -4 by

    When confronted with super powerful villains, Allysun and The Sunturians, Superman must use his whits to defeat them. However, these efforts result in Superman running late for Lois Lane’s housewarming party, which results in Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) arriving before him and being faced with mingling with his supporting cast upon meeting them for the [...]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #2

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 03:00 pm GMT -4 by

    In the first issue of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ we had a few teasers on where the series might be heading. It was a very vague setup that was in the work by Star-Lord’s father followed by easing Iron Man into the mix and finally giving us a pretty epic space battle. With Iron Man [...]

  • The Doctor Self Destructs In ‘Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS’ Clip

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 02:00 pm GMT -4 by

    It’s Saturday night and for many Whovians that means plating up some fish fingers and custard with a side of jammie dodgers. That’s right! ‘Doctor Who’ airs tonight and in anticipation, we have another clip from the episode ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’. The clip obviously is from the beginning of the show [...]

  • Comic Book Review – Justice League Dark #19

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 01:00 pm GMT -4 by

    John Constantine narrowly avoids an assassination attempt by the Cult of the Cold Flame.  Elsewhere, Deadman secretly meets with Steve Trevor, whom the heroes seemingly split from for good last issue.  Their meeting is brief, as Deadman takes off suddenly whens something supernatural draws his attention.  One by one, he, Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein and lastly, [...]

  • Comic Book Review – Young Avengers #4

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 12:00 pm GMT -4 by

    The Young Avengers have been captured by Mother, an alien parasite that Wiccan accidentally brought to Earth when he tried to return Hulkling’s mother to life.  Instead, Mother took over Billy’s parents too.  Now, joined by America Chavez and Loki, the team has been captured and surrounded by Mother’s forces, so it’s Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) [...]

  • Comic Book Review: Katana #3

    Posted Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:00 am GMT -4 by

    Gotham City villain, Killer Croc heads west to Los Angeles to acquire Katana’s magical blade for an undisclosed motive.  Meanwhile, Katana continues her mission against the Japanese American crime world, overhearing one drunk gang members plans.  After losing to Coil and his ribbon-like sword, Katana decides she must learn to master his unique weapon and [...]

  • What Happens If ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Doesn’t Get Picked Up?

    Posted Friday, April 26th, 2013 08:00 pm GMT -4 by

    Out of all the shows in development right now, none have a greater chance of getting a series order than ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ on ABC. With Marvel and Joss Whedon teaming up once again, how could they fail, right? But just for a moment, imagine if it didn’t get picked up. It’s tough, but use [...]

  • Shane Black & Drew Pearce Talk Chinese Version Of ‘Iron Man 3’

    Posted Friday, April 26th, 2013 07:00 pm GMT -4 by

    We’ve known for some time that there will be a slightly different version of ‘Iron Man 3’ playing in China. The alternate cut largely remains a mystery at this point to the rest of the world, but at a recent press junket, director Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce shed some light on Chinese exclusive [...]

  • Next-Gen Xbox Reveal Scheduled for May

    Posted Friday, April 26th, 2013 06:00 pm GMT -4 by

    After months of speculation, it seems that Microsoft is finally ready to break the silence in regards to their next-generation gaming console. The company has confirmed that it will be holding an official reveal on May 21, in which we’ll finally get some answers to the many rumors that have flooded the internet. In our [...]