• Syfy Sets A Date For ‘Sanctuary’ Return

    Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 03:45 pm GMT -4

    SyFy Channel has just announced the Season four Premiere of the fan favorite, Sanctuary starring ‘Stargate’s Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, Agam Darshi and Christopher Heyerdahl. Friday, Oct.7, 2011 marks the much anticipated return of Syfy’s Sanctuary series. As we left the Sanctuary team last season, the “abnormals” were planning what seemed like a […]

  • ‘Eureka: Clash Of The Titans’ Episode 417 – Recap

    Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 03:00 pm GMT -4

    This week’s crisis was a good one, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The primary focus of this episode was relationships, and ‘Eureka’ is one of those rare shows that can have character relationship issues that don’t feel forced or silly. This week, the four major relationships of the season – Carter and […]

  • Stan Lee Media Suing The Producers Of ‘Conan The Barbarian’

    Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 12:18 pm GMT -4

    Reports are coming out of Hollywood that Stan Lee Media, Inc (SLMI), the company founded by Stan “The Man” Lee, is suing the producers of the recently released ‘Conan the Barbarian’ for 100% of the film’s profits and all future rights to the Conan character. Stan Lee Media filed for bankruptcy in early 2001. The […]

  • ‘Warehouse 13: Past Imperfect’ – Recap

    Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 11:00 am GMT -4

    There is a wonderful trend in Sci-Fi television happening even as I write these words – Some of our favorite actors from past shows are making appearances in our new favorites. Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Angel is appearing with screen chum James Marsters on Supernatural. Jeri Ryan of Star Trek appeared in Warehouse 13, and Kate […]

  • What’s On Comic Book Stands – August 24th

    Posted Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 09:00 am GMT -4

    Here is the list of new comics, trade paperbacks and more shipping 08/24/2011. As always check with your retailer for availability, as not all releases may be on sale in all areas at the same time. They’re back in an all new ongoing series! This summer, the original heroes in a half-shell make a triumphant […]

  • ‘The Matrix’ Pair Shooting Ambitious Adaptation Of ‘Cloud Atlas’

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 09:00 pm GMT -4

    Andy and Lana Wachowski (‘The Matrix’) and Tom Tykwer (‘Run, Lola, Run’) are co-writing and co-directing an ambitious adaptation of author David Mitchell’s metaphorically ambitious novel, ‘Cloud Atlas’. Directed by the trio, as two separate teams, the science fiction epic stars Halle Berry (X-Men’), Tom Hanks (‘Road To Perdition’), Hugo Weaving (‘The Matrix’), Susan Sarandon […]

  • Arizona’s World Famous Atomic Comics Closes For Good

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 08:00 pm GMT -4

    It was announced officially this morning that Atomic Comics, one of America’s best known comic book stores, has closed up shop for all four of its Arizona-based stores. The abrupt shut-down came as surprise to employees, fans, and the comic industry in general. Word started leaking out yesterday but the worst fears were confirmed this […]

  • Movie Review: ‘Fright Night’

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 07:00 pm GMT -4

    To those of you who are like me and generally shun remakes of old horror movies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the 2011 remake of Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and David Tennant. I didn’t have high hopes going into the film, I was just excited to feed my David Tennant […]

  • ‘The Dark Knight’ Says “Thank You” To Pittsburgh

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 05:00 pm GMT -4

    It looks like the city of Pittsburgh is quiet once again as the location shooting of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has come to an end. For the past 3 weeks, Christopher Nolan and the cast and crew for the movie have inundated the city streets with snow, car chases, fight scenes, explosions and even dug […]

  • Grant Morrison Plans To Bring Sex And Bondage To Wonder Woman

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 03:13 pm GMT -4

    Yesterday, comic guru Grant Morrison appeared at the Ediburgh International Book Festival panel ‘Comics History Stripped Down’ to discuss the comic book medium and his own book ‘SuperGods’. During the panel, Morrison was asked about his long-rumored take on the ‘Wonder Woman’ series. Morrison says that part of the reason for the delay is that […]

  • Weekend Box Office – ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Severely Beaten By ‘The Help’

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 01:00 pm GMT -4

    The simians finally fell to second on the evolutionary ladder this past weekend as ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ took in another $16.3 million behind ‘The Help’s $20.4 million. Four new films debuted this past weekend and all failed to open within expectations. Director Robert Rodriquez’ poorly reviewed ‘Spy Kids: All the Time […]

  • ‘True Blood: Let’s Get Out Of Here’ Episode 4.9 – Recap

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 11:00 am GMT -4

    After last weeks information packed episode of True Blood, we see LaFayette walk away with Arlene and Terry’s baby, Mikey. We saw Jessica leave Hoyt, and get kicked out of both his and Jason’s house. Sookie got shot, but picked up by Alcide who is being watched by Debbie. Eric went under Antonia’s spell and […]

  • Science Feature: Rise Of The Apes

    Posted Monday, August 22nd, 2011 09:01 am GMT -4

    In the recent film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ the chimpanzee Caesar is the subject of a retrovirus experiment which enormously increases his intelligence. In a series of plot twists, other chimpanzees are infected by the virus and the newly-smart troop finds itself in battle with bigoted and vengeful humans. The stage is […]

  • World Science Fiction Convention Announces 2011 ‘Hugo Award’ Winners

    Posted Sunday, August 21st, 2011 07:15 pm GMT -4

    The World Science Fiction Convention (“WSFC”) has announced the winners of its long-running and prestigious ‘Hugo Awards’ for 2011. This years award winners were announced on August 20 in Reno, Nevada. In attendance at the annual event were such science fiction luminaries as Tim Powers, Boris Vallejo, Ellen Asher, George R.R. Martin and Robert Silverberg as […]

  • High Hopes For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Terra Nova’

    Posted Sunday, August 21st, 2011 04:00 pm GMT -4

    The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction. In an effort to save the human race, scientists develop a time machine that is capable of transporting humans 85 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth. Terra Nova, is the first human colony settled on the other […]