• Matt Damon Would Break Bro Code And Play ‘Daredevil’ With The Right Director

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 09:00 pm GMT -5

    Ben Affleck holds an unusual distinction in Hollywood– He’s played three different comic book super heroes.  Most famously, he starred as ‘Daredevil’ in the disappointing 2003 adaptation of the blind Marvel martial arts expert, but of course he is now Batman in the unspooling DC Universe, kicking off next year in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn […]

  • Carve Out Your Heart: Hugh Jackman Claims ‘Wolverine 3′ Will Explore Professor X Father/ Son Relationship

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 08:00 pm GMT -5

    Hugh Jackman’s time as mutant Wolverine has had its ups and downs, and after so many films, that is only natural. However, with the end in sight, and knowing that ‘Wolverine 3‘ will be his final film, it seems the veteran actor is taking a very methodical approach to end things well. Already he and […]

  • Ridley Scott Reveals Why The Next ‘Prometheus’ is Entitled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 07:00 pm GMT -5

    Despite an earlier report that the next ‘Prometheus’ would not include the sharp-toothed monsters from the ‘Alien’ franchise, that seems to have been outright dismissed as the next film will be entitled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’.  Scott previously explained that he planned to explore the creation of the hideous creatures and offered some insight into how […]

  • Paul Feig Is Now Releasing Spoilers For ‘Ghostbusters’ By Announcing Sigourney Weaver Will Make A Cameo!

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 06:00 pm GMT -5

    Straight from director Paul Feig himself we’ve just learned that Sigourney Weaver (‘Aliens’,’Avatar’) will be making a cameo in the ‘Ghostbusters‘ reboot! It seems like just yesterday that he told the media to take note as the leaks were ruining any surprises he had in store for movie goers. So, I guess if there is going to […]

  • Movie Review: ‘Hotel Transylvania 2′

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 05:04 pm GMT -5

    Every parent knows the challenge of letting go of their child as they become an adult, of seeing them leave the proverbial nest. If you’re a single parent, it can be more challenging, and perhaps the most challenging of all transitions is a father letting go of his daughter as she becomes a woman and parent in her […]

  • Back In Black: Sony Plans To Reboot ‘Men In Black’ As A Trilogy Sans Will Smith

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 04:09 pm GMT -5

    Recently, veteran producers Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald were interview by THR during TIFF 2015, where they discussed the future of the ‘Men in Black’ franchise. Check out the excerpt from the interview with the relevant information below: You produced Men in Black. Has there been talk of reviving that franchise with the new Sony regime? […]

  • Genndy Tartakovsky And Michelle Murdocca Check Back In For ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 03:06 pm GMT -5

    Just in time for the spooky Halloween season comes the animated family fare ‘Hotel Transylvania 2.’ Yes, Drac is back and with him the rest of the whole monster crew as well as some new faces. was invited to view the film as well as speak to director Genndy Tartakovsky and Michelle Murdocca about […]

  • Wardrobe Functions: Check Out Original Concept Art For The Wasp In ‘Ant-Man’

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 12:00 pm GMT -5

    During ‘Ant-Man‘ we did not get to see much of Janet Van Dyne/ The Wasp due to her being dead (stuck in the Quantum Realm) in the present, but in a flashback we did get to see her on her last mission with Hank Pym, diffusing a missile heading for the U.S.. In that scene […]

  • Hugh Jackman Wants Tom Hardy To Pop His Claws As The Next Wolverine

    Posted Friday, September 25th, 2015 09:00 am GMT -5

    With Hugh Jackman‘s (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Pan’) final movie as Wolverine dropping in 2017, it is clear that Fox is looking for a replacement to the iconic mutant and Jackman would like to see Tom Hardy (‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘,’Inception‘) take over the role. I should instantly note here that this is who […]

  • ‘Ghostbusters’ Director Paul Feig Responds To Haters

    Posted Thursday, September 24th, 2015 07:00 pm GMT -5

    Fans were going to complain about another ‘Ghostbusters’ movie no matter what. After years and years of development, there would always be those people that just tore it down because they’re “loyal” to the original movies. However, when Paul Feig revealed that his version of the classic supernatural comedy would feature a predominantly female cast, […]

  • Ridley Scott Reveals Title For ‘Prometheus’ Sequel

    Posted Thursday, September 24th, 2015 06:00 pm GMT -5

    Developing multiple sequels at once seems to be a pretty popular trend right now. Not only is James Cameron working on multiple ‘Avatar’ movies right now, but earlier this week Ridley Scott shared that there may be a few ‘Prometheus’ sequels in the works as well. However, before we get to ‘Prometheus 3’ or ‘Prometheus […]

  • Gwendoline Christie Discusses Her Challenges Of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

    Posted Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 08:00 pm GMT -5

    Back in December 2014, the world learned that Gwendoline Christie would be traveling from Westeros to a galaxy far, far away in order to play Captain Phasma in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. Like her ‘Game of Thrones’ character Brienne of Tarth, the English actress would be portraying an imposing and powerful warrior. But this […]

  • Giant Praying Mantis Will Give You ‘Goosebumps’ In This Movie Clip

    Posted Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 05:00 pm GMT -5

    The giant praying mantis from the ‘Goosebumps’ novel ‘A Shocker On Shock Street’ comes to larger-than-life in a new clip from the upcoming movie based on R.L. Stine’s bestselling YA novel series from the 90s.  In the film, Jack Black plays a fictionalized Stine himself and the ghoulish creatures from his spine-tingling books are real.  […]

  • ‘The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist’ Kept Its Cast And Crew Safe By Hiring A Real Exorcist!

    Posted Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 04:00 pm GMT -5

    Producer Rob Cowan (‘San Andreas’,’The Crazies’) cares about his actors as has has shown by hiring an actual exorcist to bless the set for when ‘The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist‘ went into production. With ‘The Conjuring’ being one of the best horror films to be released in recent years you have to wonder what […]

  • Great Scott! Director May be Planning Up To 3 ‘Prometheus’ Sequels

    Posted Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 03:00 pm GMT -5

    According to Ridley Scott, in a recent interview with German film site FilmFutter, there might actually be three ‘Prometheus’ sequels coming along. The revelation came about when asked if the new ‘Prometheus’ sequel would link directly back to ‘Alien,’ though it should be mentioned that this quote is translated from the original German, so potentially […]