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Janice's first memories of the genre were of watching the original 'Star Trek' and classic 'Doctor Who' episodes (Tom Baker, aka the Fourth Doctor, was her first). Soon, she was introduced to 'Godzilla' and her addiction then spread to books, magazines, movies and comics. Janice continued as a closet geek as her thirst and love for sci-fi grew and was only second to her love of baking. Then one night, on a whim, she answered a tweet to be a writer for ScienceFiction.com and the geek girl insider her was soon set free. Within 3 years she became the Senior Editor for the site. When not writing or editing for ScienceFiction.com, Janice is scouring the internet to feed her sci-fi cravings while defending conspiracy theories, protecting scientific theorems and loving all things science fiction.... and baking cookies.
Favorites: Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Star Trek: TNG, Quantum Leap, X-Men movies, Merlin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Grimm, Arrow, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Torchwood, Being Human, Supernatural, Galaxy Quest
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Janice Kay - Senior Editor

  • Rob Corddry Of ‘Warm Bodies’ Gives Zombie Acting Tips In New Video

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 07:00 pm GMT -5

    Keeping with the dry humor of the undead, a new viral video has been release featuring Rob Corddry as he talks about his experience working on the film ‘Warm Bodies’ and how one has  to reach deep into their inner zombie in order to give a truly great performance. Corddry may be best known for […]

  • J.J. Abrams To Direct ‘Star Wars VII’

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 06:49 pm GMT -5

    One of the most high profile directing gigs in Hollywood seems to have been filled as the news is circulating that J.J. Abrams will be helming Disney’s ‘Star Wars Episode VII!’ Although unofficial, the news comes courtesy of The Wrap who cite their source as “an individual with knowledge of the production’ with confirmation, it […]

  • It’s All About The Ninjas In New ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Trailer

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 04:50 pm GMT -5

    In just a couple months, movie goers will finally get to see the long awaited film ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ and to remind us of this fact, Paramount has released a new international 3D preview trailer. The film’s release date, which was originally slated to be last June, was pushed back with the studios stating they […]

  • Get To Know The Witches In Two New TV Spots For ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 03:20 pm GMT -5

    Disney has released two new TV spots for their upcoming film ‘Oz The Great and Powerful, a re-imaging of the classic story ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ The tale of how Dorothy landed in Oz has been seen and told for decades and now Disney has decided it’s time to tell the tale of how the great […]

  • ‘Arrow: Trust But Verify’ – Recap

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 03:17 pm GMT -5

    While last week’s episode, ‘Burned,’ saw Oliver off his game in the vigilante business, he’s now back to his determined self, but this time he’s targeting someone close to Diggle. This, of course, causes a sticky situation between the two and the loyal bodyguard is caught in the middle. Simply put, as the title implies, “Trust […]

  • Watch the Pilot Episode Of NBC’s ‘Do No Harm’ Here

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 01:00 pm GMT -5

    ‘Do No Harm’ is a new series that will debut on January 31st on NBC but you don’t have to wait until then to view the pilot episode because we have it here for you to see in its entirety! The series is a modern retelling of the classic ‘Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ tale […]

  • ‘Doctor Who’s’ Alex Kingston Joins CW’s ‘Arrow’

    Posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013 12:58 pm GMT -5

    It’s no secret that the executive producers of ‘Arrow,’ Greg Berlanti and Andrew Andrew Kreisberg, are fanboys in their own right so it’s not surprising that the seriess is quickly becoming the show known for bringing in actors in the sci-fi genre. In fact, Kreisberg has stated that “fandom” on their part is what leads […]

  • New Featurette For ‘Beautiful Creatures’

    Posted Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 05:45 pm GMT -5

    Warner Bros. has unveiled a new featurette for their upcoming supernatural teen romance film ‘Beautiful Creatures.’ The movie is based on the book series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and from the looks of the footage already released in the trailers and TV spots, Warner Bros. may just have found their newest franchise. ‘Beautiful […]

  • Ron Howard In Talks To Direct Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’

    Posted Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 12:50 pm GMT -5

    It seems that the feature film based on Neil Gaiman’s classic children’s tale ‘The Graveyard Book’ is not 6 feet under as originally thought, as there are reports that Ron Howard is in negotiations with Disney to direct a live action film version of the book.   Disney acquired the film rights to “The Graveyard Book’ […]

  • ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Production Video Shows Off Film’s Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles

    Posted Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 05:50 pm GMT -5

    One of the coolest things about the ‘Mad Max’ movies was the vehicles of mass destruction driven by the characters. With production on the film wrapped, not much is known about this new installment of the ‘Mad Max’ franchise, but thanks to a production video that has surfaced online we can see these post-apocalyptic transports […]

  • ‘Zombieland’ TV Show Moves Forward In Development Thanks To Amazon

    Posted Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 11:45 am GMT -5

    Hopes of a ‘Zombieland 2’ movie may be dashed according to director Ruben Fleischer, but it looks like plans are moving forward to develop a 30 minute sitcom based on the film and Amazon is heading the project. Much like Netflix did with ‘Hemlock Grove,’ Amazon is looking to enter the realm of original programming and has […]

  • Explosive Video Of ‘Iron Man 3’ Location Filming

    Posted Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 10:45 am GMT -5

    If you were near the TLC Chinese Theater (formally known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre) last night, then you may have heard and seen a lot of explosions and smoke. That’s because the cast and crew of ‘Iron Man 3’ were filming some additional scenes and re-shoots for the film. According to the Hollywood Orchid Suites […]

  • Vin Diesel Shares Latest ‘Riddick’ Image

    Posted Monday, January 21st, 2013 08:45 pm GMT -5

    Fans of Riddick have waited 9 years for his return and Vin Diesel is making sure their wait was worthwhile! As is the norm with the social actor, Diesel shared an image from his upcoming film ‘Riddick.’ The image is not at all spoilery and shows the anti-hero/escaped convict Riddick being very contemplative as he […]

  • ‘Once Upon A Time: In The Name Of The Brother’ – Recap

    Posted Monday, January 21st, 2013 05:50 pm GMT -5

    Welcome back Oncers to another recap of the series ‘Once Upon a Time!’ If you recall, in the last episode, Rumple was about to leave Storybrooke to look for his son, but Hook interrupted the tearful goodbye between the Dark One and his love, Belle. Karma being a biotch and all, just as Hook extracted […]

  • First TV Spot For ‘Oblivion’ Hits Online

    Posted Monday, January 21st, 2013 03:45 pm GMT -5

    The first TV spot for the Tom Cruise film ‘Oblivion’ debuted during the NFC Championship game on Sunday and if you missed it, we have it here for you to watch below! This is the first of several sci-fi films that Cruise is involved in. He’s currently filming ‘All You Need is Kill’ and is […]