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The youngest of four kids, Chase was the only one in the family to inherit the Sci-Fi gene while his three siblings would constantly tease him for it (in a way any loving family would tease). He could probably trace his life’s timeline with a foundation of what cartoon, TV, video game, or technology he was currently watching or playing as benchmarks through the years. Elementary School with Batman, X-Men, and other awesome Saturday morning cartoons. Jr High with a crash course of syndicated Star Trek re-runs along with an exposure to MMO’s. High school, with the launch of Xbox Live, a TiVo filled with Stargate SG-1 and finally getting cable TV to see the many changes of the SyFy channel. In the more recent years he has enjoyed going to Comic-Con San Diego and having his mind BLOWN seeing and meeting so many people from around the world that are as passionate and obsessed with the genre. All things aside, he also has an lingering addiction to World of Warcraft being in a top 100 US ranked guild, and ranked in the top 100 on Xbox Live for Street Fighter (BRING IT!). Feeling extremely lucky to be here, he is proud to know that he works with what has always been a hobby and obsession, Science Fiction.
Favorites: Anything Joss Whedon puts his hands on, Stargate SG-1, Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man, Street Fighter!! and so much more.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Chase Brown