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Ben F. Silverio received a degree from Drexel University in the Screenwriting and Playwriting Program with a minor in Television Production. While at Drexel, Ben co-founded and co-hosted a film review show called The Pretentious Film Majors, which has evolved into a multi-format form of entertainment including blogs, podcasts on iTunes, articles in the school paper, and a potential tv show. Now armed with an extremely expensive piece of paper, Ben can begin climbing the treacherous ladder of the entertainment industry, which he hopes to do while streaming WWE wrestling matches, reading Marvel comics, and blogging about the excessive amount of movies and tv shows that he watches, all on the iPhone that is permanently attached to his hand.
Favorites: Movies- Star Wars, Back to the Future, Zombieland, Moon, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Attack the Block, all the Batman movies (even Batman and Robin), almost all the Marvel movies (especially Captain America, and Iron Man) TV- Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Walking Dead, Futurama, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Batman: The Animated Series, X-men Comics- Captain America, The Avengers, The Young Avengers, The Punisher, The Amazing Spider-man, Deadpool, X-force, The Teen Titans, Batman.
Location: Philadelphia, PA

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  • Behind The Scenes Details On The Purple Wedding In ‘Game Of Thrones’

    Posted Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 03:00 pm GMT -4

    In the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’, fans of HBO’s hit fantasy drama based on George R.R. Martin’s popular book series were invited to a wedding unlike any other on television. Referred to as the “Red Wedding”, this event absolutely ravaged the emotions of the show’s viewers. But in the upcoming fourth season, there […]

  • ‘Young Avengers’ Ending After Issue #15

    Posted Monday, November 18th, 2013 12:00 pm GMT -4

    When it was announced that ‘Young Avengers’ would be returning as part of Marvel NOW with the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, fans went wild. Then, when the first issue debuted, the book featuring the new team of Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye, Noh-Varr, Prodigy, Miss America, and Kid Loki quickly became one of […]

  • Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Where We Find Mystique In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

    Posted Monday, November 18th, 2013 09:00 am GMT -4

    While Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence is currently out and about promoting her next film, ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, the press can’t seem to resist asking about her upcoming return to being blue in Bryan Singer’s return to the X-franchise. Since the viral marketing kicked off at this year’s Comic-Con, we’ve been seeing some […]

  • New ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Promo For ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Crossover

    Posted Sunday, November 17th, 2013 08:00 pm GMT -4

    Earlier this month, we learned that all the action from Marvel Studios’ most recent blockbuster film, ‘Thor: The Dark World’, would be spilling over into ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ on ABC for an epic crossover episode. However, at the time, details were scarce about just how that would happen. But now, a new promo has hit […]

  • Comic Book Review: ‘Avengers Arena’ #17

    Posted Saturday, November 16th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    The end is near for the inhabitants of Murder World as there is only one day remaining in Arcade’s sick, twisted game in ‘Avengers Arena’. When we last saw the young heroes, things were descending into chaos as Cullen Bloodstone killed Nara while he was in his monstrous form. This caused Anachronism to go wild […]

  • J.J. Abrams Tweets First ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Photo

    Posted Friday, November 15th, 2013 01:06 pm GMT -4

    The wheels are certainly turning over at Lucasfilm as they prepare to go full swing into putting together ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. After director J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan recently replaced Michael Arndt on scripting duties and the release date was pushed back to December of 2015 after requests of a longer delay were denied, […]

  • Marvel Studios Unveils New Logo With Fanfare

    Posted Friday, November 15th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    If you were one of the many who made it out to see ‘Thor: The Dark World’ or if you caught ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ this week, you may have noticed something new playing before the movie or show got started. Since ‘Iron Man 3’ was the last film distributed by Paramount Pictures, the Asgardian Avenger’s […]

  • New Casting Call Gives ‘Ant-Man’ Cast Hints

    Posted Thursday, November 14th, 2013 03:10 pm GMT -4

    About six months ago, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said that there was a good chance that we’d know who would be playing Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s upcoming Phase Three film before the end of the year. Now, the ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ director is hard at work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version […]

  • INCONCEIVABLE! Disney Bringing ‘The Princess Bride’ To The Stage

    Posted Thursday, November 14th, 2013 12:39 pm GMT -4

    Disney has a storied history of bringing classic fairytales to the stage. From ‘The Lion King’ to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘Mary Poppins’ and soon to ‘Aladdin’, the House of Mouse has found success on the Great White Way and around the world with their contributions to the theater. Now, for their next stage […]

  • Lionsgate Planning ‘The Hunger Games’ Theme Park Attraction

    Posted Thursday, November 14th, 2013 09:00 am GMT -4

    In addition to enjoying your favorite movies over and over again on home video, some of the more major motion picture franchises are offering their fans the opportunity to step into the movie thanks to a theme park attraction. Warner Bros. is currently expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at various Universal Studios parks, […]

  • ‘The Walking Dead’ Producers Discuss The Governor’s Absence

    Posted Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    Since ‘The Walking Dead’ made it’s return on AMC last month, Rick Grimes and the rest of the inhabitants of the prison have had their hands full. From a killer virus to a literal killer in their midst, these survivors certainly have not had an easy time. However, there has been one looming question that […]

  • Drew Goddard In Talks To Write Marvel & Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

    Posted Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 09:00 am GMT -4

    Earlier this month, Marvel and Netflix made the major announcement that four all-new original shows based on Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil would be coming to the popular streaming service and culminate in ‘The Defenders’, a mini-series that brings them all together. Recently, in an interview conducted a few days before the […]

  • Natalie Dormer Spoils Season Four Of ‘Games of Thrones’

    Posted Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 03:00 pm GMT -4

    Nobody likes getting spoiled. It takes all the fun out of watching a show, reading a book, or seeing a movie. However, in my own personal life, I’ve found that staying away from ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers is one of the hardest things to do. As each season passes, more and more of my friends […]

  • Elizabeth Olsen Confirms Scarlet Witch Role In ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

    Posted Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 02:00 pm GMT -4

    Joss Whedon has been saying for some time now that he plans on including the superpowered pair of The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the crown jewel of Marvel’s Phase Two, ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Recently, ‘Kick-Ass’ star Aaron Taylor-Johnson officially signed on to play the speedster and the rumor going around was that […]

  • Kevin Feige Talks Infinity Gems, Daredevil, & More Marvel Movies

    Posted Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    For starters, if you weren’t one of the many movie-going patrons that made ‘Thor: The Dark World’ the ninth biggest November debut ever this past weekend, then proceed with caution because this article contains SPOILERS for the God of Thunder’s latest feature film. However, if you did catch the Asgardian Avenger’s new movie, then you […]